“That ain’t happenin’, brotha!” Survivor Worlds Apart May 6 2015 recap

10 May

Dan still doesn’t get it, apparently. Everyone assures him that just because he got two votes, that doesn’t mean he’s on the bottom of the alliance. And he buys it! Tyler tells the camera he wouldn’t describe Dan as extremely gullible but rather extremely loyal: “In this game, they’re kind of one and the same.”

Rodney is feeling good. Even though he has not won a reward to date, Carolyn and Will have both assured him they would take him on a reward if they were to do so.

When the challenge comes, for whatever reason it’s designed for two teams of three. There’s a schoolyard pick, so Will, not chosen, has no chance to win it. The team that wins is Mike, Sierra, and Carolyn, but Carolyn decides not to give her spot up for Rodney. He is furious, especially because it’s his birthday, which he gives as much significance as a ten-year-old girl might. He resolves to make sure neither Carolyn nor Sierra goes to the finals.

Rodney then proposes a plan. When Mike and the other two get back from the reward, Rodney will play on the disgust he has already voiced and say he wants to be voted out so he can go home. That way Mike will not play his idol out of a false sense of security, and everyone will vote Mike out. Rodney carries on in that vein for a while, but fairly soon Mike just announces flat-out that he doesn’t believe it. As he tells the viewers, “That ain’t happenin’, brotha! Just because I talk slow don’t mean I think slow.”

One person who’s certainly worried that Mike will play his idol is Tyler. He asks Carolyn if she would consider using her idol on him. She says she’d use it “when we need it.”

The challenge involves leaning way back off the edge of a bridge while holding onto a rope. When it’s time to descend to a lower handhold, only Mike, Tyler, and Carolyn are left. The men quickly drop off, and Carolyn wins.

Back at camp, Dan thinks the person voted out will either be himself, Mike, or Tyler. Then we see Carolyn propose splitting the vote between Mike and Tyler! But this is just to fool Dan … right? Everyone is certainly worried about Dan’s double-vote power. Meanwhile Mike tells Carolyn that he is going to vote for Tyler. Would she move to knock out her number-one ally?

After the voting, Mike does indeed play his idol. The first four votes are read, they are all for Mike, and do not count. We see a vote for Tyler, obviously Mike’s. Then Jeff Probst reads another Tyler vote! “That’s enough,” and Tyler is gone! So the person I considered most likely to win (as of last week) is gone. Carolyn did not help him! And obviously everyone’s thinking was: so what if Dan has a better chance to get to the finals? He would be much easier to beat at the finals than Tyler, therefore Tyler must go (Sierra and Carolyn were the other two who voted for Tyler).  It’s actually interesting that there were so many Mike votes, but obviously they wanted to guard against his simply bluffing and holding onto the idol for another week.

As for my rankings: well, this is embarrassing but I only have one favorite left. Up until now I didn’t have Will on my “no chance to win” list, since in my mind he still hadn’t done that one thing that would prevent him from winning. But I just don’t see any scenario where he gets chosen.

Favorites to win: Mike

No chance: Carolyn, Dan, Rodney, Sierra, Will

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Hali (Mike), Joe (Mike), Jenn (Mike), Shirin (Mike), Tyler (Carolyn)


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