“I’m yelling at someone else!” Survivor Cambodia Second Chance October 14 2015 recap

14 Oct

We begin with Jeff Varner assuring his tribemates that he’s loyal, and later assuring the camera that he hates doing this: “I’ve got to kiss their asses.”

Tasha tells Woo that Varner is the source of all the drama, and that Woo is not going anywhere. Abi-Maria overhears this and confronts Tasha about it, refusing to speak in private. Why is Tasha assuring Woo (who voted for Abi twice) that he’s going to stick around, Abi asks. In the understatement of the week, Andrew Savage tells the camera that Abi has “some paranoia.” Also, their tribe is struggling with the fact that they have no shelter and had to start a camp from scratch the prior week.

On another tribe, Jeremy is trying to bond with Stephen Fishbach and we find out that Jeremy thinks he can be Stephen’s new J.T., i.e. the person who goes with him all the way to the finals and then beats him.

The reward challenge involves slogging through some water to get a bag and then trying to launch the bag onto a platform by jumping on the other end of a seesaw. The twist is that each tribe has to pick one person to do the challenge from beginning to end. Savage, Jeremy, and Terry are chosen. A couple of rounds in, all three are clearly spent, and it’s obvious that running through the water is very strenuous. Savage guts it out to win.

We haven’t heard from Kass much, but now we see her working on some kind of bead necklace. Kelley Wentworth suspects Kass is constructing a fake immunity idol. When she tries to go closer to have a look, Kass shoos her away. But then we find out the secret: it’s a birthday present for Kelley! The kinder, gentler Kass is born.

As for Spencer, he and Kelly Wigglesworth are in the minority on their tribe and presumably on the chopping block, so he makes a point of telling everyone that Kelly is well-connected and tight with Terry and Woo. Monica sees through this lie, and decides that Spencer should be the first one to go if their tribe goes to tribal council.

The challenge is an old Survivor standby: everyone is blindfolded except for one person on each tribe who has to yell out what to do to the rest of the team. I think this may have been used in every single Survivor season (one source says it has been used in 18 of the 31 seasons). And why not? At a minimum, there’s always some entertaining confusion and a few wince-inducing collisions. I don’t recall the blocks the players have to pick up being quite so heavy and bulky before — you need two people to lift one unless you are Joe who manages to do it alone. The best moment is when someone on Kass’s tribe asks why she isn’t giving them any direction and she yells, “I’m yelling at someone else!”

Spencer’s tribe wins the challenge. That still leaves two tribes to fight it out for the final spot, but Savage’s tribe is too spent to do anything but stand there and watch Terry’s tribe take second place.

Who will be voted off Savage’s tribe? Tasha says it should be Jeff Varner. And she wants to keep Woo because he will help them much more in challenges. But Varner has saved Abi from elimination twice. Woo gives Abi a sales pitch but she reminds him that he voted for her twice. Tasha and Savage are worried that Varner the salesman will sweet-talk Abi. Sure enough as soon as he sees her he says “I miss my Abi time.” By the way, the idea that Abi could join Woo and Varner to vote out Tasha or Savage is never brought up.

At tribal council, Varner is in full-on salesman mode, but surprisingly so is Woo and neither of them wants to give up with making their pitches. In fact when Jeff Probst says it’s time to vote, Woo even makes one last pitch to Abi before doing so.

Jeff Varner is voted out four votes to one. It is a shame to lose a colorful character, luckily there are still plenty left.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, Joe, Kelley Wentworth, Andrew, Terry

Not sure: Monica, Jeremy, Stephen, Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, Keith, Kass, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Woo


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