“She’s a snake in the grass”: Survivor Cambodia Second Chance October 21 2015 recap

21 Oct

Early on in this episode we see the trio of Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, and Monica. You could be forgiven for not having noticed that any of the three are on this season at all! But we find that their group is not the Sisterhood of No Screen Time, but rather a crab-fishing society. We see conflict when Kimmi finds some humongous clams and Monica admonishes her for taking too many at once. It’s not clear whether her objection is for environmental reasons or because she worries that the tribe will run out of food later in the season.

The reward challenge is won by the tribe of Keith, Kelley, Terry, Joe, Kass, and Ciera. As soon as Terry goes for a swim the others declare that they are a solid five, i.e. Terry is the odd man out.

Meanwhile, the yellow tribe (Andrew, Tasha, Woo, Abi) came in second. As they relax, Woo tells a heartwarming story about his mother’s battle with a serious illness. But it turns out this falls into the incredibly broad category of “things that make Abi paranoid.” Did he use the story to bring others to his side? Abi voices her concerns to Tasha, and we viewers see it takes every bit of Tasha’s self-control to pretend to be sympathetic to Abi.

The immunity challenge involves launching balls with a slingshot of sorts, and Stephen’s ineptitude continues as he misses all of his tribe’s targets entirely to score a point for the other team! (In fairness, a couple of others come close to doing the same). The yellow tribe wins their first immunity, while Spencer’s group comes in last and we are once again treated to Spencer’s ever-recurring exasperated facial expression.

Spencer and Kelly Wigglesworth are the ones on the outs. Jeremy, Kimmi, Monica, and Stephen all seemingly agree that while they trust Kelly more, Spencer needs them more because he has fewer other allies. Later Monica floats the idea to Kimmi that Spencer should be the one to go to keep the women strong and pave the way for a potential women’s alliance. For some reason that isn’t clear, Kimmi is outraged by this and tells the others that Monica is a snake in the grass.

As we go to tribal council, all signs point to Monica being voted out, simply because Kelly is hardly seen in the episode. After some misdirection and to the surprise of Kelly, Monica is indeed voted out 3-2-1.

Alas, Monica Padilla is not a candidate to get into my list of greatest players in Survivor history. On the positive side, if I ever compile a ranking of the cutest butts in Survivor history I think she will be a shoo-in.

This was a fairly slow episode. It seems fair to assume that a merge might be coming up next week.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, Joe, Kelley Wentworth, Andrew, Jeremy, Terry

Not sure: Stephen, Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, Keith, Kass, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Woo


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