“You Just Unleashed The Beast”: Survivor Cambodia Second Chance November 4 2015 recap

4 Nov

Even though we just shook up the two tribes last episode, this one begins with the tribes merging. Thirteen people are left in the game. So the question becomes, who will be able to make an alliance of seven?

Andrew and Jeremy are reunited, and know they have Kimmi, Tasha, Stephen, and Kelly Wigglesworth in the fold. So they only need one more.

Meanwhile, Kass and Kelley Wentworth feel good about Ciera and Keith. Joe is someone they hope to rope in, while Abi and Spencer seem like free agents. (Why Abi is not on the same side as Andrew and Tasha isn’t explained).

Spencer says “Joe’s a guy I wouldn’t mind sticking with and swinging with.” As the two talk, Spencer points out he has no alliance that’s lasted longer than a day, while Joe’s alliances have not been tested since he hasn’t been to tribal council yet at all! (That seems incredible, but the same is true for Keith this season.)

Kass tries to talk with her old Cagayan teammate Tasha, but Tasha just tries to answer everything with a noncommittal non-answer. Is the original Bayon group sticking together, Kass asks? Tasha replies in the negative.  All of this frustrates Kass who tells the camera, “You just unleashed the beast.” The next day Tasha admits she was just putting up smokescreens and tells Kass she has no reason to tell her the truth. The two go back to camp and continue their argument, and Ciera joins in by sowing some seeds of discontent about Andrew, which he disputes.

The first individual immunity challenge is won by Joe. Upon the return to camp, the name on everybody’s lips to be voted out is that of Kass… even Keith agrees, surprisingly. And the supposed swing votes Joe and Spencer seem firmly with the Jeremy group. They all decide to split the vote between Kass and Ciera. Kass anticipates the split, which would have to be 5-4. So if she, Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi could somehow find a fifth person to vote against Tasha, Tasha would go home.

Unsurprisingly, the person Kass targets to try to sway is Spencer. OK, sounds good, Spencer says. It’s not convincing. But Spencer is secretly pleased to have been offered the deal: “I have never been in this position before to influence the game.”

Jeff Probst says 13 people is the biggest-ever Tribal Council. In the end, Kass is voted out 6-4-2-1, with votes as follows:

Voting for Kass: Keith, Kelley Wentworth, Tasha, Andrew, Stephen, Kimmi. The surprise here is Kelley, who evidently saw no value in being on the losing side.

Voting for Ciera: Kelly Wigglesworth, Jeremy, Joe, Spencer.

Voting for Tasha: Kass, Abi.

Voting for Andrew: Ciera, in a somewhat puzzling move.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, Joe, Jeremy, Andrew, Kelley Wentworth, Stephen, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer)


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