“Joe is my white whale and I am Ahab.” Survivor Cambodia Second Chance November 11, 2015 recap

17 Nov

The episode begins with Andrew feeling good about his alliances with Jeremy and Joe, and Ciera thinking about pulling in Stephen to try to oust Joe. Of course, voting Joe out has certainly been on Stephen’s mind. Mr. Fischbach notes: “I don’t want to be run over by a bunch of bros.”

Being on the team that wins the reward challenge, Ciera takes the opportunity to campaign. She says that on her prior season she thought she was in a tight group but it didn’t work out. No way Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen, and Andrew are breaking up, she says, her comments intended for Joe. Joe agrees with this, as he tells the camera later.

The group was brought to the reward in a rickshaw that was powered by a motorcycle (we learn that this contraption is known as a tuk-tuk), and Keith decides to try and start one up and take it for a spin. He does, and everyone else jumps in for a ride up and down the beach. A wonderful, carefree moment.

Meanwhile, Stephen is presenting his “oust Joe” idea to Jeremy, who already nixed it in the prior episode. Stephen also pitches Spencer, who seems to be in, and Tasha, who obviously isn’t and does a poor job of trying to act noncommittal. Either she warns Andrew or he overhears something, because Andrew soon warns Joe. Joe thought something like this was coming, but not this early in the game.

Also, Andrew tells Joe, “On my kids’ lives, I will never write your name down.”

Joe makes it moot for now by winning the immunity challenge, which involves balancing a ball on a platform steered by long ropes. Stephen laments, “Joe is my white whale and I am Ahab.” Joe would like to get Ciera, Kelley Wentworth, and Abi to ally with him to get Stephen out. Andrew certainly loves the Stephen idea — he hasn’t liked him ever since Fischbach committed the unforgivable crime of not being blown away by one of Andrew’s stories. Andrew passes on this nomination to Jeremy, but Jeremy doesn’t like it. As we know but Andrew doesn’t, Jeremy wants to be the new J.T., i.e. the person who takes Stephen all the way to the end and then beats him handily. So Andrew is overruled within his alliance, and Kelley Wentworth and Ciera are mentioned as candidates to vote out. Joe alerts the two women that they are on the chopping block now, not Stephen.

At tribal council, Kass walks in as the first jury member and flips off Andrew as she does so. Why Andrew, I wonder? Kass did have six votes against her last episode and we didn’t see anything to indicate Andrew was the mastermind. Anyway, Kelley says at tribal council that four people are running the game, but confusingly, the four she lists are: Jeremy, Tasha, Andrew, and Stephen or Joe. This is debated for a while, and Ciera repeats her lament that so many players aren’t playing aggressively. Of course, what’s left unsaid is that there are good reasons to stay under the radar!

It’s time to vote, and when Andrew walks past Kass, she makes a “P.U., he stinks” hand motion.

Jeff Probst asks if anyone wants to play an idol, and Kelley pulls one out, to the shock of everyone else, including her ally Ciera! Remember, she acquired it back on the very first episode, and she and Jeremy are the only ones who know for sure that there are any idols in the game this season at all. Probst reads the first nine votes, and all of them are for Kelley. And while he does, the show cuts back and forth between all of the tense faces, as everyone wonders who the three girls voted for since that person will be going home. The votes are read: they’re for Andrew Savage. Shockingly, three votes in a tribe of twelve are enough to vote him out! Abi tells him in mock consolation “You made it to the jury…” and he sticks up his middle finger toward her as he walks out. Kass is loving every second and Ciera can’t believe her good fortune.

This sequence was absolutely masterful, as by cutting back and forth the producers were able to show us the expressions and reactions of all twelve players plus Kass on the jury. Bravo, Survivor!

I do think Andrew was the perfect choice for the three women, as he was the one who tied Jeremy, Tasha, and Joe all together.

In my rankings I am moving Spencer past Tasha into the #1 spot. Tasha seems a bit paranoid this season and not very likeable, neither of which applies to Spencer at the moment.

Favorites: Spencer, Tasha, Joe, Jeremy, Kelley Wentworth, Stephen, Ciera

No chance: Abi, Kimmi, Kelly Wigglesworth, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer), Andrew (Joe)


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