“That’s why I drink.” Survivor Cambodia Second Chance December 2 and December 9 2015 Recap

12 Dec

Alas I must sum up the December 2 episode with mere bullet points as I lost my notes for that show!

The episode gave us the familiar “loved ones challenge.” I usually fast-forward through this, but this time we got to see two loved ones who were former contestants themselves: Jeremy’s wife Val (who is pregnant and whispers to Jeremy that the baby will be a boy) and Kelley’s father Dale, whom I loved seeing again! Dale’s as feisty as ever. Kelley wins the challenge and chooses Keith, Abi-Maria, Kimmi and Joe to join her with their respective loved ones. There’s a very heartfelt seen with Joe’s father who tells him “I never had a friend like you.”

The immunity challenge involves balancing a small statue on a pole that has to be made longer and longer. One woman and one man will win immunity. Kelley wins for the women, and for the men it comes down to Joe and Keith. Both hang on for a really long time, then we see Joe suddenly go to the ground. He has collapsed! Everyone runs over to him and the medics are called. The medic says “Joe!” and doesn’t get an answer (though this may well be that Joe just didn’t understand the doc’s Australian accent). But the diagnosis is that nothing is seriously wrong with Joe, his brain just needed oxygen.

So does that mean Joe will be voted out? Tasha reports to Jeremy and Spencer that she has been offered a spot in a women’s alliance, though she says she’s not taking it. That’s enough to make the guys really nervous: should they vote out Abi instead? They decide not to, and Joe is out of the game.

As we begin the December 9 episode, there are seven people left in the game, and Spencer and Jeremy think they’re in trouble with a women’s alliance brewing. The key is: who will be able to make a group of four? They decide that they need Kimmi and Tasha on their side or they’re done. Meanwhile, Keith, who threw a vote Tasha’s way at tribal council, says he needs to mend fences with her.

We find out that the reward challenge was run once before in a prior season, and won by Keith. And he proceeds to win this one too. But is winning a good move? I actually think that at this stage in the game the savvy player should make sure not to win any reward challenges, as whoever he chooses not to take along will surely be mad. Keith picks Kelley to go with him since she had chosen Keith to be able to spend time with his wife the prior week. And Keith’s second choice is … Spencer? Asked to explain the choice, Keith says there was “no real logic” except that Spencer didn’t get a chance to spend time with his girlfriend the prior week, and he implies (rightly!) that that’s a bigger deal than not getting to spend time with your cousin. Well, so much for Keith wanting to shore up his relationship with Tasha!

By the way, I’m shocked anytime the contestants have to give a lot of thought to whom they’re bringing on a reward. They have all day to strategize about such things beforehand!

On the reward, Keith, Kelley and Spencer make a (halfhearted) final-three deal. Spencer suggests voting Tasha out, the only problem is that to make that happen they would need to count on the ever-volatile Abi.

Back at camp, Tasha asks Abi if she would mind if Tasha and Jeremy spoke privately. She says she wouldn’t in a way that indicates she really means she would. Jeremy is amused: “Scorpios are crazy. I got two of ’em in my house, that’s why I drink.” Tasha tells Jeremy that Abi is the one to vote out: “We can’t have any messiness coming down to the finals.” But would Spencer be up for that?

The immunity challenge is won by Spencer, and the most memorable part is that Tasha has swallowed so much water she can’t swim back and the medics have to move in. It’s nothing serious, however.

Now Spencer has a decision to make … stick with the stronger players or hope to go to the end with two “dream goats” in Keith and Abi? We chooses the former, and Abi is voted out: four votes for her (Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, and Kimmi), two for Tasha (Keith and Kelley), and one for Keith (Abi). Why in the world did Abi vote for Keith?I have no idea, but since this happened it’s good for Spencer that he didn’t flip since that would have just made a 3-3 tie.

Favorites: Tasha, Spencer, Jeremy, Kelley Wentworth

No chance: Kimmi, Keith

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Kass (Spencer), Andrew (Tasha), Kelly (Kimmi), Ciera (Spencer), Stephen (Jeremy), Joe (Kelley), Abi (Kelley)


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