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“Jump on board with us or draw a rock.” Survivor Second Chance December 16 Season Finale Recap

6 Jan

Kimmi sees a major opportunity, namely allying with Kelley and Keith. Who is to say that Tasha, Jeremy, and Spencer will want to take Kimmi to the end? They seem to be tight with one another. Kelley loves the plan since that would let her save her secret idol for the final five.

Without further ado we go to the immunity challenge. Jeff Probst announces that every challenge will be new to every player from here on out. Spencer wins immunity for the third time this season.

Spencer notices that Kimmi is going around talking to everyone. That makes him hesitant to do a split vote. He notes, “Splitting the vote is great if you have an alliance that you can trust.” Jeremy (who also wants to save his secret idol for the following vote) doesn’t distrust Kimmi.

One fairly funny exchange is when Spencer says “Wentworth doesn’t have an idol, man.” Jeremy: “Why not? She found one before.” Spencer: “Like, many people find one. You found one before. That doesn’t mean you have an idol right now.” (Of course, in reality both Kelley and Jeremy have one!)

Spencer gets dramatic at Tribal Council. He announces that he, Jeremy, and Tasha no longer want to split the vote, and he confirms that he’s not counting Kimmi as part of the group on purpose. “It’ll be jump on board with us or draw a rock and maybe go home,” he says. Then Spencer whispers to Kelley “you’re good,” but she notes “But I trusted Spencer last vote and I wasn’t fine.”

Kelley plays her idol. And Jeremy plays his too! And the vote is 3-3 … for Kelley and Jeremy! Probst announces that in 31 seasons of Survivor this is the first time none of the votes have counted at tribal council!

So there is a re-vote, but Spencer, Jeremy and Kelley still have immunity. So everyone can only vote for Kimmi, Tasha, or Keith. The re-vote is a tie between Kimmi and Tasha. Probst offers the opportunity for a re-vote but they all say they won’t change their vote. Now Probst says Spencer, Kelley, Jeremy, and Keith need to reach a unanimous decision, if not Tasha and Kimmi would become immune too. That would mean that every single person there would be immune except for Keith, so Keith would go home by default! Jeremy and Spencer say they absolutely won’t vote Tasha. So either Keith and Kelley have to vote Kimmi, sending Kimmi home, or refuse, sending Keith home. Keith says he’ll go so Kimmi can stay, but Kelley convinces Keith that’s the wrong move. So the votes are changed to Kimmi, who goes home.

These rules are dumb! Or at least they need to be tweaked to take into account the situation that happened here.

We soon have another immunity challenge, and it is won by Kelley. Kelley makes a fake idol — a great one at that! — for Keith to brandish in a last-ditch effort to save himself. At camp, Jeremy tries to silently get Keith’s attention, and when he does he mouths the word “Spencer.” Is a surprise coming?

I would have loved to see the fireworks if at tribal council Keith had flashed the idol and announced he was going to play it. Unfortunately that did not happen. In fact Keith did … absolutely nothing! Despite having absolutely nothing to lose! And when asked later why he didn’t try it, he couldn’t give a reason. The man can be infuriating! And he’s out of the game.

The final immunity challenge involves putting ping pong balls into a maze of chutes that has two exits, and it’s tough to predict which exit the ball will come out of. Seeing all the contestants with all of the balls swirling around was a really neat visual. Kelley loses concentration for just a second and she’s out. She can’t hold back tears at seeing a potential win slip away in an instant. It comes down to Jeremy and Spencer, and Jeremy gets the critical win, his first individual immunity challenge win, period!

So Kelley’s only chance is to convince Jeremy that Spencer is a bigger threat. At tribal council, Spencer becomes quite aggressive and tells Jeremy that if he takes Kelley to the end Jeremy will lose Spencer’s vote, and Spencer will campaign aggressively for Kelley to win the game. Kelley is voted out.

At the final tribal council, there are no opening statements this time (thank God! They were always boring). Andrew Savage is actually good and points out the arrogance of Spencer and Jeremy both. Abi Maria gets up there … is she carrying a clutch purse at tribal council? Oh, it’s just a piece of parchment that she wrote something on. The most pathetic question is from Kelly Wigglesworth,who just says to pick a number between 1 and 10. And Jeremy does play the “pregnancy card,” not having given the others any details about Val all season.

Once the votes are read we find out that Jeremy not only won, but got all ten votes! We also find out that Joe has the third-most immunity wins of all time, behind only Boston Rob and Ozzy, both of whom played more seasons!

The next season is announced as Survivor Koah Rong, a new edition of “brains vs. brawn vs. beauty.”