“He is not the average country guy.” Survivor Kaoh Rong February 24 2016 recap

26 Feb

At the end of my previous post I felt the need to pick someone as an early favorite to win the game. While nobody stood out, I thought that Jennifer seemed to have the right qualities. Well, not only did she not win the season, she didn’t even survive the very next episode!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. At the beginning of the episode, Tai is itching to look for a hidden immunity idol, but is hesitant since the last time he tried it he got caught. Finally he says, “I’ll go really fast.”

He does indeed find a note that says “Look at the bottom of this tree.” At the bottom there is a box with the hidden immunity idol, but the note says that the key to open it is hanging high up on a tree. And indeed it is, higher than a human could reasonably be expected to climb (20 feet, or more?), since this tree trunk doesn’t have branches that can serve as footholds. Tai, as we saw last week already, is actually an excellent climber, and he gets really far up the tree but finally can do no more. The trunk is “like sandpaper sanding both my thighs.” I actually really like this development since the idols on the prior season were — for the most part — too easy to find.

Anyway, Tai has to give up for now, especially since he can’t afford to be gone too long. Later, we see him and Caleb palling around, and as Caleb tells the camera about Tai the gay Vietnamese gardener, “He is not the average country guy.”

On the Brains tribe, Liz boils some water, while Debbie takes the surprising position that boiling the water isn’t even necessary, and that she can judge water just by looking at it! Debbie hasn’t stopped bragging yet. She says that she tells people she “personal-trains” that “Just ’cause I can run 10 miles doesn’t mean you can or you should.” On that same tribe, much of their bottle of kerosene has been lost and their matches are wet, both of which are Joe’s fault or at least are getting blamed on him.

On the brawn tribe, Alecia, who was almost voted out last episode, spends five hours trying to make fire while everyone else lounges around. Finally, she succeeds!

The immunity challenge involves transporting a 300-pound log through an obstacle course. One thing about the Beauty tribe: they have quite a bit of brawn in their own right, and it shows as they win. Brains come in second, which means Brawn is going back to Tribal Council.

Scot says he’ll be shocked if anyone but Alecia goes home. Alecia goes to look for an idol. She points out to the camera the fact that nobody has asked her to be in an alliance yet, which is a bad sign. Jason trashes Alecia when she’s out of sight, and Jennifer is getting quite annoyed that Jason does nothing but lie around and slam Alecia.

This leads Jennifer to take the other two women aside and suggest an all-girl alliance to vote out Jason, which they enthusiastically agree to. But then Jennifer worries that a blindside of Jason will also offend Scot, whom she trusts.

Then comes one of the biggest Tribal Council blunders I can remember. Jeff Probst asks if there was any talk of an all-female alliance and Jennifer says that things are “up in the air!” That comes as a major shock to Scot and Jason, who thought everything was all set, and they tell her so. Backtracking quickly, Jennifer says Alecia came to her to suggest an all-girl alliance, whereupon Alecia points out that it was Jennifer’s idea (which is true). Jennifer calls Alecia a liar.

Finally Jennifer gets up from her stool (has that happened during a tribal council ever?) and stands on it, proclaiming “Please trust the original alliance we had!” Probst says “I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a Tribal Council like this.”

Probst read the votes and there are three votes for … Jennifer! Those being Jason, Alecia, and Cydney. Of course, none of those three came into tribal council with any intention of voting for Jennifer. It’s quite simply one of the biggest out-of-nowhere blunders of all time.

Early favorites: Uhhh, for right now, none!



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