“Sit back, observe, shut up, and gather intel.” Survivor Kaoh Rong March 2 2016 recap

2 Mar

As Brawn returns from Tribal Council, Scot tells Alecia he only wrote Alecia’s name down because he knew Jenny was going home. This doesn’t make any sense, a fact that is not lost on Alecia. Meanwhile Cydney tells the camera that Alecia thinks she’s her ally but she’s not.

At the Beauty tribe, Tai goes back to make another try at the immunity idol. He ties two long sticks together, then realizes he has lost the tool to open the container. So he tries to make a new tool from scratch, and lifts it up with his sticks. We see that the idol is a good 30 feet off the ground. But he is able to get it, and Tai passionately kisses … the tree trunk.

But what he gets is still only a map to the idol, however he does find the real thing shortly. The instructions note a twist: if you pair one idol with another idol, it becomes a “super idol” that can be played after the votes are read at Tribal Council.

Over to the Brains. As 72-year-old Joe does ab exercises, we find out that Peter (Obama lookalike, sort of) and Liz (statistical whiz) are an alliance, and not only that, they think of themselves as quite the masterminds. Peter says they are “managing two separate groups,” namely Debbie and Joe and Aubry and Neal.

Debbie notes, “My position on this tribe is to sit back, observe, shut up, and gather intel.” Whoa … in the two episodes we’ve seen so far, her role has been anything but that, especially the shutting up part. But I guess she has been doing well at observing. She notes, “Peter really feels superior and Liz is our prima donna princess. Their goal is to take the rest of us out.” Well said. But Debbie notes than Peter is an asset at challenges so Liz is the one who needs to go.

Back to Beauty. Tai cries when the hungry tribe kills a chicken. Caleb is sympathetic. Anna trusts Caleb and Tai, but not Nick. She hopes that she and two other girls can pull in one guy to make a foursome, and she pitches Caleb on the idea.

At Brawn, Alecia and Cydney find an idol clue (the whole idol setup is the same as what Tai found over at Beauty). Jason sees them digging, and they see him spying on them. They can’t find it, and Alecia goes to look for a hoe so they can dig deeper. But then we see that Cydney did spot the location and just didn’t let on to Alecia. She covers it up as Alecia comes back.

When the women go back to camp, Cydney (unbeknownst to Alecia) promptly tells Scot and Jason that Alecia found a clue … she feels she has no choice since Jason had seen them digging. Jason goes back to the spot, finds the clue, and races off without asking anyone. As happened with Tai, he and Scot don’t have the tool to open the box. But they solve the problem the same way Tai did. Jason ends up grabbing the idol before Alecia can get to it, and this has the same note about combining two idols to make a super-idol.

Time for the immunity challenge, which also comes with rewards. The winners will get comfort items (pillows and such), while the second-place finishers will get “emotional items” that they were allowed to bring with them from home (teddy bears, etc.), a nod to the long-gone Survivor “luxury item” tradition used in the first five or six seasons.

Beauty wins the challenge, the last phase of which is similar to the old arcade game “Ice Cold Beer” and has been done before back in Survivor: Worlds Apart. It comes down to Cydney versus Debbie, and Cydney barely wins. So Brains will be making their first trip to Tribal Council.

Peter and Liz want to take out Neal. They figure Joe, Debbie, and Aubry are no threats, but Neal is capable enough to turn on them later in the game. They are going to tell Joe and Debbie to vote Aubry (keeping it simple so they can grasp it, according to Liz), and tell Aubry and Neal that they’re voting Joe. Only one problem: all four other players are onto Peter and Liz! As mentioned, Debbie wants to target Liz, while Aubry favors the ultra-arrogant Peter.

I have to say Debbie is a casting A-plus, she is a great character and unlike anyone I can remember being on the show before. I had her pegged as just a nonstop talker, but at her first Tribal Council she shows she might be talented at the art of the non-answer which is such an essential skill.

And Neal has been low-key up to now, but at Tribal Council he has a couple of wonderful zingers. For starters, he muses of his tribe, “Maybe we each think we’re the smartest person in the game and we’ll be fine.”

Peter says something about a plan being in place, causing Neal to note, “I guess the question is, which plan is he talking about.” To which Peter replies, “Well, it’s not your plan.” Why Peter is so incredibly cocky despite only having an alliance of two I’m not sure. The vote is two votes each for Aubry, Peter, and Liz, meaning those three can’t vote again and there’s a re-vote. This being the case, Peter and Liz know it has to be one of them. And surprisingly, it’s Liz being sent home.

Favorites: Caleb, Neal

Not sure: Aubry, Joe, Michele, Cydney, Alecia, Anna, Nick, Julia, Tai, Debbie

No chance: Peter, Jason, Scot




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