“Buddy you don’t have a choice.” Survivor Kaoh Rong March 9 2016 recap

10 Mar

You know it must be a busy episode when the reward challenge already starts just three minutes into the show!

The challenge involves crawling under a log, then digging for some bags of balls in the sand, and finally rolling the balls into holes.

Everyone gets to the part where they have to dig for the bags, and they start slowing down as it’s extremely hot outside. A full 45 minutes pass without any progress. On Brawn, Alecia decides to try to start kicking the sand instead of digging, which annoys the other three. Soon the Brains tribe finds its third bag, and they make quick work of rolling the balls to win the reward.

Debbie looks like she’s not feeling well and Joe says he should get the medic, but she refuses. Finally he overrides that and gets the medic. Oh no, please don’t tell me the best character of the season might have to leave the game! Curiously, the docs get some bottled water and just pour it on her to cool her down. But it does seem to help.

Meanwhile Beauty has dug up their third bag, and they’re able to take their time rolling the balls with Brawn nowhere close. But much later, Brawn finds their third bag and it’s a competition again. Caleb hadn’t been able to get the last ball in the hole, but now he does, to get his tribe the secondary reward. And then Caleb collapses! And furthermore, Cydney is on her knees and not getting up. Jason helps her up but she goes to the ground, and medics look at her too.

We have seen a few of the show’s crew members come into the shot already, but now with two people down, Probst shouts at all “nonessential” crew to come over and help the medics get whatever they need. And now Caleb is not even responding when Probst and the doctor speak to him!

By now Debbie is sitting up and among those watching (though all players have obviously been shooed away a bit so the medics can work). The doctor now tells Probst they need a helicopter so Caleb can be evacuated from the game. Jeff tells Caleb, “You don’t want to be pulled. Buddy you don’t have a choice.” There’s not much reaction from Caleb either way, so we can tell he’s in bad shape. A bit earlier Cydney was told she would not need to be taken out of the game.

The tribes go back to their camps and the game goes on. Tai, who had cried when he saw his new friend Caleb being tended to, is also cognizant of the effect of Caleb’s departure on him. Since the only men left on his tribe are himself and Nick, “Now the girls have their choice of who to kick out.” As we go to commercial, a note on the screen says that Caleb recovered fully.

There’s not much camp time in this episode. We see Alecia confronting Scot for saying mean things to her during the challenge, and that is about it.

The immunity challenge ends with an interesting puzzle I don’t recall seeing before: it’s pieces of rope that have to be fit into the right spots, a welcome break from the usual puzzle pieces. Brains win (thanks in part to Peter who did well in both challenges this episode) and Beauty comes in second.

So that means Brawn has to go back to Tribal Council, and this is one of the least suspenseful ones I can remember. Even Probst can’t think of any drama to stir up before Alecia is voted out. Alecia was not much of a player but I do admire her moxie for standing up to the others who were just mean to her most of the time.

Since the drama of three people collapsing in one challenge took up most of the show, we hardly see anything of Brains and especially not of Beauty.

The previews show that next week there will be a tribal shakeup. The ones who that will benefit the most would seem to be Nick and Peter who seem to be on the outs on their current tribes.

Favorites: Neal, Debbie

Not sure: Aubry, Joe, Michele, Cydney, Anna, Nick, Julia, Tai

No chance: Peter, Jason, Scot


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