“Start fresh and come up with new lies.” Survivor Kaoh Rong March16 2016 recap

19 Mar

“It’s strategically crucial that I start pandering to these people,” says Peter at the beginning of the episode. It seems that his definition of pandering is pretty broad, encompassing every sort of normal, non-arrogant human behavior!

Neal thinks “we have one cancer named Peter,” and Neal goes looking for the idol to make sure it doesn’t fall into Peter’s hands (that’s what he tells the camera anyway). He finds the same clue that the other tribes found on their respective beaches, but unlike both of them, he finds — and doesn’t lose — the tool to get the idol from its high hiding spot, so he’s able to secure it without too much trouble and without anyone else noticing.

When the tribes convene, Jeff Probst says they must drop their buffs, as it’s time for a tribe swap. But he immediately announces a twist: Caleb’s medical evacuation means there is an uneven count of 13 players left. So rather than make uneven tribes, there will be one single red buff in the random draw. Whoever draws it will have to go spend the night by himself at the former Brawn camp and will then join whichever tribe votes someone out at the next Tribal Council. The one positive for that person is that he cannot be voted out in that round. That red buff is drawn by Julia, about whom we have learned nothing this season other than that she is in a sorority and is part of the women’s alliance on the Beauty tribe.

The new tribes are as follows:

BLUE: Debbie, Jason, Michelle, Nick, Neal, Cydney

YELLOW: Aubry, Tai, Scot, Joe, Anna, Peter

On first glance, the ones that have been hurt the most are the Beauty alliance of Anna, Michelle, and Julia, all three of which are suddenly by themselves! The ones that were helped the most were Peter, Nick, and Cydney, who all would have been the next to go in their respective groups.

Peter wastes no time telling the camera that he’s now set up to easily make it to the merge without any concern whatsoever. What the heck??? To us viewers it seems nothing could be further from the truth. His reasoning is that he has two other Brains in his group in Aubry and Joe, the problem is that both of them hate Peter!

However, what Peter does have in his favor is that everyone now knows that whoever is voted out will be replaced by a Beauty member in Julia. So to keep those numbers down, the Brains on the new Yellow tribe want to vote one Beauty out (Anna or Tai). Scot, the only Brawn on the yellow tribe, agrees with this line of thinking. Since Anna the poker player can figure out the way things are trending, she makes a point of telling everyone in the tribe (in separate conversations) about Tai’s sneaky behavior in looking for an idol previously.

Over on the Blue tribe, Debbie decides she wants to ally with Brawn, and Cydney seems warm to the ides of an alliance. Cydney tells the camera that while she has been “playing the dumb jock role” so far, she actually went to college at Penn! Meanwhile, Nick has the same idea of allying with Brawn, so it already looks like Jason and Cydney will have to decide whether to cast their lot with Brains or Beauty. Nick likes the tribe swap: “I get to start fresh and come up with new lies.”

As for Julia, she has no one to keep her company except for tons of ants! We don’t learn much more about her except that she is only 18 years old. And guess what, she doesn’t even get to go to watch the immunity challenge!

That challenge ends with a puzzle at which Debbie and Neal are quicker than Anna and Peter.

So the yellow tribe has to go to Tribal Council, and Tai and Anna both know it will be one of them. As we’re shown a view of a huge snake slithering around, Tai ponders whether to use his idol.

Peter says Anna should be the one voted out over Tai — her combination of looks and brains could prove dangerous down the road. Aubry says she and Joe will stick together when it comes to the vote.

Then Tai tells Anna and Scot that he has the idol. He can play it and they can all vote against the arrogant Peter. They both love the idea!

But then Aubry tells Scot that Anna will be the one getting the votes from the Brains, not Scot’s newfound buddy Tai whom the big guy says he has a “man crush” on. Scot now hopes Tai will just save his idol for later, and tells him so. And Scot already begins scheming on possibly combining that idol with Jason’s down the road to make the new super-idol, Scot being the only one in the game right now who knows where two idols are.

We go to Tribal Council, and Anna and Tai have to light their torches, as it’s their first trip. The camera is on Anna most of the time — surprisingly for a professional poker player, she has a wonderfully expressive face. Or am I just enjoying this because she’s really, really good-looking? Whatever the case, Peter takes the opportunity to reiterate that he’s in a position of power. This guy is really too much.

The votes are cast, and Probst announces that if anyone wants to play an idol, this is the time. Anna looks over at Tai expectantly, but alas, Tai makes no move, and Anna is voted out. It’s a shame to see her go, as she had the makings of a great player, and this is the juncture (the first vote after a tribe swap) where many a strong player has been the victim of bad luck with not much opportunity to turn the tide.

Now then, did Scot help himself or make a huge mistake with this move he advised Tai to make? Next episode he will have two Beauty (one being an ally) and three Brains to face, instead of three Beauty (two of whom would be his allies) and two Brains. His super-idol strategy is all well and good in the long term, but first he needs to make it to the merge to begin thinking about implementing it. Scot is certainly playing to win, which makes for good entertainment.

Favorites: Neal, Debbie, Tai, Cydney

Not sure: Aubry, Joe, Michele, Nick, Julia

No chance: Peter, Jason, Scot


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