“I’m gonna broach him”: Survivor Kaoh Rong March 23 2016 recap

28 Mar

Peter had cast his vote along with fellow Brains tribe members last episode, but now he says, “I might actually disband this brain trust” and plans to target Joe.

On the other tribe, we get to see a little more of Nick, who is a fun character. Debbie has been talking to Nick at great length. Nick tells the camera that to win Debbie’s favor the secret is “Whatever person she admires – which is herself – just be her.” Meanwhile Debbie notes that Nick looks like a Greek god and should be a model, and she follows that with the incredible assertion “I know because I’ve modeled off and on myself for years and years.” OK Debbie, I can suspend disbelief for a lot of things but not this. You would sooner see Yoda walking the fashion runways of Milan than Debbie doing so.

The group soon finds out via tree mail that the next challenge will involve shooting baskets at a target. Nick reveals that he was a high school point guard, but he knows that his opponent will likely end up being Scot, the former NBA player!

The tribes head for the reward challenge, and as promised, Julia returns from her exile of sorts and is now a member of the yellow team.

The first part of the challenge involves diving underwater to untie some buoys, which Aubry is able to do much faster than Michele can. This gives Aubry’s team a good-sized lead, and all they need to finish off the challenge is for Scot to make some baskets. But Nick on the yellow tribe doesn’t give up and actually out-shoots Scot! But Scot had a head start and it’s good enough for the win.

Now we get to find out a bit more about Julia. She is a junior at “BU” which presumably means Boston University. If she’s already in her junior year at age 18 she must be a smart cookie! Peter sees a potential ally in the newcomer and wastes no time chatting her up, which makes Aubry suspicious. Is Aubry growing up before our eyes? She seems like she’s aged five years since the season started! Peter tells Scot he wants Aubry out. Joe the former FBI man has his doubts about Peter and announces “I’m gonna broach him.” He confronts Peter and says “If you lie right now, I’m telling you you’re done.” Then he asks if Peter has been gunning for him (Joe). Peter’s response is such an obvious lie that it doesn’t take an FBI man to figure it out.

Meanwhile, Michele is doubly disappointed: in her performance in the challenge and in seeing that Anna her best ally has been voted out. Debbie tells Michele she doesn’t care for Jason and Michele takes that to Nick, but Nick dismisses the idea and says they need to ally with Jason and Cydney (Michele is obviously sick of Nick).

The immunity challenge involves traversing a difficult obstacle course before having to make a very high stack of blocks. But the high obstacles are easier to surmount when 6’11” Scot is helping you. Jeff Probst notes, “This is like a dad with his kids!” When it’s time for the stacking, the yellow tribe tries to make a fairly big stack and then lift the middle to put in the last few. But the blue tribe attacks it in more traditional fashion, with Debbie perched on Nick’s shoulders to stack the last few. Blue barely wins, and to add insult to injury for Yellow, Joe has a block fall on his head, drawing blood.

Yellow goes back to camp, and it turns out Peter had the failed stacking strategy. But Aubry tells Joe that if they get rid of Peter then Tai, Scot, and Julia would have the numbers advantage. I begin to wonder if Peter is going to make it all the way to the finals! Aubry urges Joe to make amends with Peter, which he grudgingly does, and Peter seems to also feel that he’s better off sticking with Brains for one more vote. Peter tells Scot that Julia is the one to vote out, whereupon Scot decides that Peter is a snake. Julia tells Aubry that Peter had talked about her (Aubry) out, but Aubry doesn’t seem to be buying it. Is this going to end in a tie? Tai says to Scot that maybe they should vote Julia to avoid a tie vote (those two men are quite a tight alliance now by the way).

Finally Aubry decides she and Joe should vote Peter after all, but Joe says he’s not going to switch his vote at the last minute.

Julia must be a big fan, because she is obviously excited to walk into her first Tribal Council.

What’s said at Tribal Council is less interesting than the whispered or mouthed conversations in the background.

Tai to Scot: “Julia?”

Scot: “Original plan.”

Aubry to Scot: “Her or Peter?”

Scot: “Peter.”

Scot out loud to Julia: “Original plan.”

Aubry to Joe: “Is it her?” Joe says yes.

When Aubry goes up to vote, we see her deliberate for a long time, write down “Julia,” and deliberate some more. Probst reads the votes, and Peter is voted out. The last vote card shows “Julia” crossed out and “Peter” written below it. At the very end as we hear Peter’s last words, we see an overhead shot of Aubry crossing out her vote.

Favorites: 1. Neal, 2. Debbie, 3. Tai, 4. Cydney, 5. Michele, 6. Nick, 7. Aubry, 8. Julia

No chance: Jason, Scot, Joe


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