“She’s lost to the dark side.” Survivor Kaoh Rong April 13 2016 recap

13 Apr

Tai tells Jason he voted for Debbie when of course he really voted for Jason, and we don’t get any explanation of why that vote for Jason was made.

Scot suggests causing trouble by hiding the tribe’s machete and  ax. Tai tells the camera this makes him uncomfortable, but he goes along with it.

Not only do Scot and Jason hide the tools, but later the next day Scot pours water on the campfire. I had put both of them on my “no chance to win the game” list weeks ago, and they have certainly solidified that status.

At the reward challenge Jeff said two teams of four have to be drafted, with one person sitting out. But he says they’ll dispense with the draft if the players can agree on their own teams. Who would join Scot, Jason, and Tai? Julia immediately volunteers, making everyone else raise an eyebrow. Julia tells the camera she is making a big move here.

The challenge ends with the teams having to throw bean bags to knock blocks off a ledge. Scot’s team has a big lead and they do win, but Debbie proves to have a wicked throwing arm and makes it close.

Julia’s philosophy is similar to what Nick was trying earlier: if you can get to the end with two people who nobody likes, they will get no votes and you will win. She enjoys the reward (Chinese food delivery, believe it or not) with the three men and says she’s keeping her options open. Joe sees the conversation and says “I think she’s lost to the dark side.” Cydney certainly doesn’t trust Julia and neither does Aubry. In fact Aubry is convinced Julia should be the one they vote for at the next Tribal Council. If men play idols for themselves when that happens, the girls flush the idols out of the game. But Debbie is against the Julia vote.

That night, Tai decides to take a turn at pouring water on the fire. Oh, brother!

The immunity challenge is one I don’t recall seeing before. The players have to stack a row of blocks while constantly stepping over a big grate. Touching the grate tips over all of the blocks. And even if they set all of the blocks, they have to space them exactly right so they can knock them down domino-style. And who should win but Julia of all people, foiling Aubry’s plan.

The second everyone gets back to camp Scot, Jason and Tai go off by themselves, so Debbie immediately tells everyone the plan is to split the vote between Scot and Tai, and then vote Scot on the re-vote since it would be 3-3-3. The other players are horrified because Julia is one of the people she tells! They think she will go right to Scot and Jason and tell them the plan, which is precisely what happens. And Scot tells her right away that he and his buddies will vote Cydney.

Debbie’s insane actions are the last straw for Aubry: “This far into Survivor I need someone who is logical and who I know is not going to change course.” Cydney qualifies, and the two of them decide that they need to vote Debbie out. Cydney says she can get Michele on board, Aubry says she can get Joe, The former is true, but Joe refuses to consider a Debbie vote. So they don’t have the four votes they need, which means they need to pull in … Julia? This makes no sense.

At Tribal Council, Scot and Jason announce that Tai has an idol and Jason does as well. They claim that after the votes are cast they’ll decide randomly by rock-paper-scissors which of the two of them get the idols. Lots of whispering ensues on both sides.

After votes are cast, Jason hands his idol to Tai, and Tai just sits down. The votes are read: three for Cydney, two for Scot, and four for Debbie who is voted out. They are shocked and so are the guys!

The upshot is that now Julia can continue to play both sides. She can assure Cydney, Aubry, and Michele that she is with them, and also tell the guys that while she didn’t vote for who they did, she still helped their cause.

As for Debbie, when she could control herself a bit she was doing very well in this game, but then she started playing too hard and seeing herself as a mastermind. That was her downfall.

Favorites: 1. Cydney, 2. Michele, 3. Tai, 4. Julia, 5. Aubry

No chance: Jason, Scot, Joe

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Neal (Aubry), Nick (Aubry), Debbie (Joe)


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