“Should I play my idol?” Survivor Kaoh Rong April 29 2016 recap

4 May

Julia and Michele are frustrated that they weren’t part of the plan to vote out Scot, and Julia is quite the sore loser. When morning comes, Tai looks up Jason and explains that Scot and Jason were very tight and he, Tai, was worried that they would cut him loose down the line.

The reward challenge has randomly chosen pairs competing, and the random draw means Jason has to sit out. Cydney and Michele win. They get to choose someone to go with them and after two seconds of consultation they pick Aubry, for the stated reason that she hasn’t eaten on prior rewards. At the reward, Cydney tells Aubry “We can’t go to no final three with no damn Tai.”

While they’re enjoying the reward, Jason and Julia talk at camp. They see getting Tai out of the game as their only chance. Julia thinks she can get Michele to join them. They need a fourth and can’t see working with Aubry and Joe, so they discuss it with Cydney, who is intrigued by the idea.

Julia is still grumpy and tells Jason they should eat the chicken Tai loves as soon as Tai is voted out. There’s a funny shot of Julia gazing hungrily at the chicken.

The challenge involves wading out to a platform that has a bunch of symbols with numbers next to them. The players need to try to memorize these, then wade back (crossing obstacles as well) and solve a puzzle that involves translating the symbols to numbers, opening up another puzzle. This is designed such that the players will have to make the trip multiple times, becoming more and more exhausted.

Surprisingly, both Michele and Julia solve the first puzzle on their first try, while Joe is so exhausted from the first trip that he quits. On the second puzzle, Michele is quicker to figure out that the scrambled word is “blindsided” and she wins immunity.

So who to vote out? Aubry thinks Jason is “a ticking time bomb,” but is he the best vote? Aubry doesn’t think Jason can win. But Julia, on the other hand, doesn’t have any blood on her hands. The whole group is for voting Julia, to Michele’s distress. Cydney tells Michele that if anyone asks she should say they’re voting for Tai. Tai is alarmed to hear his name.

The jury files in. Scot is wearing a polo shirt with the top button buttoned, looking like quite the Utah nerd.

Julia and Jason say you can’t trust Tai. But the problem is, the others don’t really need to trust him, at least not for this vote. It’s a boring tribal council, everyone just states the obvious.

After the vote, Tai, who is sitting on Aubry’s right, bends around her to whisper in her left ear “Should I play my idol?” Aubry answers “I think you’re fine, but it’s your gut.”

The votes are read, and only two are for Tai, the rest for Julia. Michele cries as Julia leaves the game.

Favorites: 1. Tai, 2. Aubry, 3. Cydney, 4. Michele

No chance: Jason, Joe

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Neal (Aubry), Nick (Aubry), Debbie (Aubry), Scot (Jason), Julia (Michele)


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