“Why do we have an extra person?” Survivor Kaoh Rong May 4 2016 recap

4 May

Jason’s ability to plead his case is attracting some attention. He says that this serves him well in his job as a bounty hunter: “I make mothers rat their sons out.” Charming. Right now he’s pointing out to Michele and Cydney that Tai and Aubry will be hard to beat. Better to take him to the final three than them, he says.

Tai tells Aubry and Joe that his advantage is an extra vote, something he hadn’t shared with anyone up to now. He says he’s going to use it this week and use his idol next week.

At camp, Tai finds a huge grub (i.e. a larva). He puts it in front of the chicken, who does not pause one second before eating it.

Jason is bummed that nobody wants to strategize with him. So the only thing he can think to do is to avoid helping with anything around camp. Maybe then everyone will hate him more and think everyone else hates him, leading them to take him to the finals!

Some very “Star Wars”-like music plays as everyone goes to the reward challenge. It’s an interesting one: balls have to be guided through a huge floating maze that the players walk on. It’s basically an enlarged version of a challenge that’s usually done tabletop-style. Tai, Michele, and Jason win and get to go to see some wildlife. Meanwhile, Aubry, Cydney, and Joe have to go back to camp, and all are very cranky with one another.

The immunity challenge involves holding up a wobbly table at the end of a rope while going back and forth to stack blocks on it. Haven’t we done this already this year? Or maybe it was at the end of last season. Anyway, each of the six players is in the lead at least once, but the stacks of blocks keep crashing down. Finally, Cydney who went the slowest by far, but also never lost all her blocks, wins.

Tai has decided that Michele is the bigger threat than Jason, and he tells Aubry, Cydney, and Joe that Michele needs to go. Aubry actually agrees, but didn’t care for the way Tai made the decision for them (hmm, isn’t this kind of behavior that annoyed Tai when Scot and Jason were doing it?).  Tai even tells Jason what he wants to do, though Jason wants to vote Joe for reasons unknown. Joe has been featured very prominently this episode, which tends to happen to the person who’s getting voted out. Meanwhile, Cydney and Joe both think Jason should go. And Cydney tells Michele that Tai is gunning for her. Then Cydney asks Aubry: if push comes to shove, is Aubry going to vote with Cydney or Tai? Aubry can’t decide.

At tribal council, Cydney bashes Tai a bit, and Michele points out that Tai seems to be gunning for her when she thought they were allies. Michele also says Tai has turned on every alliance he has made. Tai is not the smoothest tribal council orator. He tells Michele “there’s a smaller group within the big group” and then alludes to his main alliance being with Aubry and Joe, saying “I say (sic) why do we have an extra person?” And you’d better believe that Jeff Probst can’t fan the flames hard enough.

Finally Probst says he’ll tally the votes, and Tai says he wants to use his advantage and explains what it is. He actually goes to the booth to cast a second vote against Michele, and helpfully writes number 2 on the card. Should Tai be using his idol instead?

The answer turns out to be no. All of the votes are for Jason except for the two for Michele (both by Tai) and one for Joe (Jason).

The previews for next week make it clear that it isn’t the finale, even though five people are left. That tells me that this season there will be a final two rather than a final three.

In my rankings, I have moved Tai from the top spot to the bottom. He is considered such a jury threat, but I don’t think he’s anyone’s first choice to win the game.

I think Aubry will win if she gets to the finals, but I also think everyone except Joe wants to make sure she doesn’t get to the finals. Joe would be the one everyone wants to take to the end, because he hasn’t made any moves. Joe’s best move would be to take Tai to the end, as Tai has double-crossed the most people.

Favorites: 1. Aubry, 2. Michele, 3. Cydney, 4. Tai

No chance: Joe

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Neal (Aubry), Nick (Aubry), Debbie (Aubry), Scot (Michele), Julia (Michele), Jason (Aubry)


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