“Not something you can tough out”: Survivor Kaoh Rong May 11 2016 recap

19 May

Tai and Michele continue their discussion from Tribal Council as they get back to camp. Trying to be nice, Tai says “You’re part of the group and I’m always confused where you fit.” And Michele hasn’t stopped ripping Tai.

The reward challenge involves tossing bean bags after fetching them by running a course. Four of the five contestants have tossed all of their bags and failed to complete the challenge. While Joe goes back to get more bags the others have nothing to do but stand around.

Joe comes back with his five bags, but the first three throws all miss. His only chance to seal the victory would be to hit both of the last two, and these are long distance throws. The 71-year-old … hits both of the last two! He gets the spa and food reward, choosing Aubry to go with him. Jeff Probst says Joe can choose one more person, and Joe lets Aubry decide on Cydney.

On the reward, the three discuss who has the best chance to win. As they munch on the food, Aubry suddenly realizes that Cydney is a threat and that she’d be better off going to the finals with Tai. By the way, Joe is eating the beef like there’s no tomorrow. Cydney the bodybuilder tells the camera that eating like that can come back to haunt you.

While those three are gone, Tai and Michele have plenty of time to talk. And he even gives her a nice massage, part of which involves standing on her! (He probably only weighs  140 pounds or so). They discuss whether they could sway Cydney to get Aubry out.

Meanwhile, Aubry tells the camera that her best case scenario would be to go to the final three with Tai and Joe (I agree).

Aubry goes with Tai to get water, and Tai is so moved by what she says that he drops everything, starts crying and hugs her. When those two come back, Cydney is alarmed. Their body language looks too comfortable.

Suddenly Joe’s stomach is really bothering him. He can’t urinate and something is clearly wrong. Aubry is very worried by this indeed. She has already lost her closest ally once to a health scare, surely it won’t happen again? The doctor comes out and gives Joe some medicine, but it doesn’t help much. Waiting on the beach, Joe hugs everyone and they are all crying, including Cydney.

When the doctor comes back, he says “this is not something you can tough out.” Probst asks if this means he’s pulling Joe from the game, and he says yes.

This is now the third medical evacuation, the most ever in a Survivor season! And what an unlikely final four we have.

Also, since I’ve been doing these rankings I think it’s the only time we’ve gone to the final episode with nobody on my “no chance to win” list.

Favorites: 1. Aubry, 2. Michele, 3. Cydney, 4. Tai

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Neal (Aubry), Nick (Aubry), Debbie (Aubry), Scot (Michele), Julia (Michele), Jason (Aubry), Joe (Aubry)


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