“Me and Figs got called out on mackin'”: Survivor Millennials vs. Gen-X September 28, 2016 recap

1 Oct

The Gen-X tribe hasn’t yet succeeded in making fire despite the fact that several tribe members have tried it. So David, who freely admits, “I’m more of a Cochran than I am an Ozzy,” gives it a try. Shockingly, he succeeds. However, the others still tell the camera they want to get rid of David. And David is still trying hard to find an immunity idol, but being a bit more subtle about it this time. He’s searching for idols during his trips to go look for big rocks. Why exactly the tribe needs big rocks at their camp is not explained. Whatever the case, he finds a coconut that has a target painted on it! He splits it open and there is an idol inside.

At the Millennials’ camp, Taylor tells us that Figgy is “super-rad.” The two of them get in some smooching at night, which others don’t fail to notice. Or to put it in Taylor-speak, “Me and Figs got called out on mackin’.” Figgy tells Taylor everyone else seems fine with them being a couple, but she’s wrong. And the disapprovers include the third member of the “triforce,” Jay. “No couple ever lasts on Survivor. Ev-er,” Jay tells us. Rob and Amber of Survivor All-Stars would disagree with that, but that was 25 seasons ago .. it’s doubtful if even the great Rob could make the same thing work today. Anyway, Jay decides it’s time to discuss with Taylor, bro to bro. “You want to snowboard and chill?” is his cutting question. I think this is a reference to winning a million dollars and not having to work, but perhaps only a millennial could say for sure.

Michaela has avoided voicing any criticism of Figgy, but uses every possible facial expression to show she disapproves. Finally the two start sniping at each other. Adam tells us, “Basic laws of Survivor will tell you: don’t come blazing out of the gate; don’t get into a catfight; and sure as hell don’t get yourself into a showmance!”

Back at Gen-X, we find out that model Ken can spear-fish quite well. We also find out that, despite his ladykiller looks, he is an introverted guy. He and David make an alliance, and David shows Ken his idol. As for the majority group, Ken says, “I see it as Paul’s posse.” They think Paul (the oldest player of the group) is the person they should target.

Paul admits he needs to be in control of every situation. And Cece is joining up with Ken and David. “Cut off the head,” they say about Paul. But Paul suddenly has to lie down; his hands are numb. Medics get there fast … but once the doctor arrives, he says it’s just dehydration and exhaustion. A helicopter has been summoned, but before Probst has a chance to say “Get to the choppa,” it’s sent back to base as Paul stays in the game.

We are taken to some platforms way out in the ocean for a water challenge! The seasons that have these are so much more fun! At least Gen-X must think so, as they win, despite the very unathletic David slowing them down. That’s the last we see of this tribe for the episode, but I should quickly note that Lucy isn’t heard to speak for the second week in a row.

Time for the Millennials to vote someone out. Both the guys and the girls seem to agree that person has to be Figgy. And Mari is pretty sure Figgy won’t even suspect she’s being targeted. Problem is, someone is dumb enough to tell Jay. He tells Michelle, and she’s determined to fight back, suggesting Mari be targeted. And she also suggests that they pull in … Michaela! But how would they ever recruit Figgy’s biggest enemy? Well, Jay simply lies and tells Michaela that people are talking about her as the next voted out after Figgy. Michelle wants to pull Will in as well, but Will is cautious. Referring to Figgy, he says a player can get early momentum and get all the way to the end, his example being Parvati (though Michelle is much more like Parvati than Figgy is). By the way, I said last week that high schooler Will, the youngest player on the tribe, is also the most mature. He certainly has the deepest voice. I’m beginning to think Will is really a young-looking 38-year old.

Michelle is not done being a puppet master. While tribal council is going on, she whispers to Hannah that she’s voting for Mari. Hannah keeps whispering that she needs a reason, but Michelle can only offer that she’ll tell her later. Most of the rest of tribal council is everyone else wondering what’s being whispered about and Michaela sniping at Figgy some more.

Everyone goes to the voting booth, but Hannah takes the longest to vote … by far. She is freaking out, and even tries to count off how many people are voting a certain way on her fingers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jeff Probst wander over to peek at the voting booth before, but he does this time because it is taking so long. This is like a high school movie: Will nerdy Hannah have the guts to stand up to the popular kids?

The answer is no, and Mari is voted out. “Salty!” is the video gamer’s only comment as her torch is snuffed. Will and Adam look completely shocked. I have to say this was a smart vote, as Mari looked like perhaps the smartest player on the tribe, and much more of a threat to win the game than Figgy.

The previews show that a twist is coming next week already, it looks like a tribe reshuffle of some kind already. And then we see that the only votes cast against Figgy were from Mari, Adam and Zeke. In other words, not only did Hannah vote for Mari, Mikaela did too, and so did Will!

Time for a preliminary ranking.

contenders: Michelle, Will, Zeke, Ken, Adam, Chris

not sure: Jessica, David, Bret, Paul, CeCe, Lucy, Sunday, Jay

no chance: Figgy, Taylor, Hannah, Michaela








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