“Ladies, you’re 0n your own.” Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X October 5, 2016 recap

11 Oct

Hannah wants to tell Zeke and Adam her lame excuse why she didn’t vote with them, but Zeke doesn’t want to talk right now. Hannah really wants to get it off her chest, but Zeke tries about 10 different ways of telling her he doesn’t want to talk right now. And the producers decide to show us all 10. This is a clue that we might not be in for the most eventful episode.

The Gen-X tribe is not helping the excitement factor. They are pretty boring overall. We are reminded that David, Ken, and CeCe are the ones on the bottom. Ken points out to several people that while Paul talks big about his fishing skills, he hasn’t caught a single fish while Ken has caught plenty.

Because there are no new or interesting subplots (at least that’s my interpretation of the producers’ thinking), the players are told it is time for a summit: four people from each tribe, chosen randomly, go meet the other tribe. It’s Will, Jay, Taylor, and Figgy for the young-uns, and David, Paul, CeCe and Chris for Gen-X. Gen-X reveals a lot more about their tribe than the tight-lipped kids do. Plus, David proposes an alliance to Taylor and basically hints he will abandon Gen-X at the first opportunity.

Back at camp, Figgy and Taylor talk about Zeke as the next person who should go. Adam hopes Figgy will be the next out, to shift the balance of power. He pitches Michaela, who votes with Figgy last time despite not liking or trusting her.

The immunity challenge has multiple steps as usual, the first being to carry a 40-pound bag across a balance beam. CeCe is very slow and deliberate, in fact in the time it takes her to cross, at least three of the millennials cross (and Jeff Probst mentions at least three times how slow CeCe is). The millennials have their weaker players simply cross the beam empty-handed while the stronger players carry multiple bags. Finally Gen-X copies the strategy, but they are way behind by that point. The lead proves insurmountable and the millennials win. In addition to the immunity, there is a reward of some comfy chairs for the winning tribe. Jay asks if they can trade them for fishing gear. Probst says the other tribe would have to agree and the Gen-Xers say no.

The decision on whom to vote out is pretty clear: CeCe, who was bad in this and every other challenge. Paul talks to Jessica to confirm, and as they wrap the conversation up, Jessica mentions as an afterthought that she hopes there’s no all-male alliance brewing. Paul assures her that he would let her know if any such thing were being talked about. (Sounds fine so far). He then elaborates that letting her know would be to say “Ladies, you’re on your own.” (Seriously, he said that.) Jessica can’t believe her ears, and quickly informs Sunday and Lucy (who actually speaks in this episode) that the three of them are on the bottom of the six-person alliance. They immediately decide to vote against Paul, knowing that David, CeCe, and Ken are sure to join them.

Which, after a boring tribal council, they do, and Paul is out.

contenders: Michelle, Chris, Will, Adam, Zeke, Ken, Jay

not sure: Jessica, David, Bret, Lucy, Sunday

no chance: Figgy, Taylor, Hannah, Michaela, CeCe


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