“And now for the bit that’s gonna upset some people…” Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X October 12 2016 recap

15 Oct

Chris doesn’t want to talk about what just happened at tribal council. Like Zeke in the previous episode, Chris wants to put off any conversation until morning. Until someone else starts talking some distance away from him, then he yells to stop whispering and talk out in the open!

Morning dawns, and for whatever reason the TV picture is now sepia-toned instead of full color. Lucy tells us she doesn’t completely trust Jessica: “The power-hungry person had to take away another power-hungry person.” She tells this to Bret as well, and the Bostoner tells us viewers “you’ve now shown your cehds.” To Bret and Chris, Lucy says that Ken and David trust her, hence they could all ally against Jessica.

Over at the Millennials’ camp, everyone is super-excited when they spot a goat, and that distraction lets Adam go look for an idol. He cries when he finds it … but alas, he discovers it is only a clue, not the idol itself.

We go to a reward challenge, the first of the season. Again I wonder if this was added because the season has been too boring (the Gen-X tribe in particular). Nothing boring about the challenge though, one of those brutal affairs in which players can take any action necessary to obstruct the other team from reaching its goal (some seasons have had this played on land, this one’s in the water). In the first two-on-two round, Chris grabs onto both Jay and Adam so David can swim to the goal with the ring. In one of the later rounds, we find out that Michaela is seriously strong and athletic.

Time for the final round. Surprisingly, David is out there for the second time. An epic half-submerged battle ensues, with huge waves buffeting the players too. I don’t think I have ever seen tribemates cheering so hard, on both sides. Finally Gen-X touches their goal to win. Jeff Probst raises both hands to declare a winner, and at that moment a huge wave knocks him back several steps! America surely would have loved to see Probst knocked on his butt, it was not to be, though. Oddly, as the teams part, David wishes the Millennials good luck. Good luck at what, beating his own Gen-X tribe?

Back at camp, Adam finds the shell he has been seeking that has the idol inside. Success … but wait, someone’s nearby! It’s just Hannah, who in passing cheerfully wishes him good luck in his idol search.

For the Gen-Xers, David asks Lucy who she is thinking of voting out. She says she won’t announce the name until later, but shortly she tells David and Ken that it’s Jessica. However the two men are not allowed to tell anyone else. Ken bristles at this rule.

The immunity challenge involves the tribe hoisting one member on a lift sort of like the kind that window-washers of a skyscraper use. They players have to maneuver the person back and forth so he can collect a number of boxes in order, then all the letters on them have to be used to spell out a puzzle. When it’s time to do the anagramming everyone is stumped for quite some time, but finally the Millennials figure it out. That means that for the third time in four weeks, Gen-X is going to tribal council.

We see shots of a shark, a spider, and a bat. Not my favorite sights! Lucy thinks she has an alliance together to vote out Jessica: herself, Bret, Chris, Ken, and David (not Sunday). But Ken proposes taking out Lucy, pulling in Jessica and Sunday to do so. He also tells Jessica about Lucy’s plan. Jessica can’t believe Lucy would be gunning for her, so she asks Lucy about it. This makes Lucy furious with Ken. Ken thought he had a connection with Jessica, though we viewers knew better. All of this is not long before tribal council, so it’s confusing just what the plan is (for viewers and players alike, I believe).

Tribal council is mostly Probst hammering away at his boring generation gap theme. The vote takes place, and Probst makes his obligatory mention that this would be the time to play an immunity idol. David stands up and asks if he can address the tribe. Probst gives him the floor. After saying how much he loves everyone, David says “and now for maybe the bit that’s gonna upset some people … I’m going to play this for Jessica.”

Lo and behold, almost every vote was for Jessica, except three, two of which were for Lucy who is voted out. The only people who voted for Lucy were David and CeCe, and Jessica voted for CeCe.

I can’t see this as anything but a colossal blunder on David’s part. Not only does he waste a precious immunity idol, it is to take out Lucy who was not threatening him, and save Jessica who was no ally of his. It was really just dumb.

contenders: Michelle, Chris, Will, Adam, Jay, Zeke

not sure: Jessica, Bret, Sunday

no chance: Figgy, Taylor, Hannah, Michaela, CeCe, David, Ken


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