“I’ve been around the block, little girl.” Survivor: Millennials versus Gen-X October 26, 2016 recap

26 Oct

Zeke of the Orange tribe exults — Gen-X just voted out one of their own (CeCe) on the only tribe of the three where Gen-X had been in the majority!

On the Green tribe, Jay and Will go looking for an idol and soon find one (it seems like these days on Survivor we are only ever shown someone looking if that person ends up finding one). They make a pact to keep it between themselves … but at that moment Michaela walks right in on them.

The reward challenge is the one used every season in which a caller for each tribe has to direct his blindfolded teammates. But I believe the final phase is new: a blindfolded person has to actually solve a puzzle using only the directions of the caller!

During the challenge, Hannah, who is sitting out because of uneven numbers of players, says she feels faint. Doctor Joe checks her out after the challenge but the only problem was that she was breathing too fast (?).

Before the challenge when the tribes walked in minus the voted-out CeCe, Figgy was seen applauding. She explained that it was because she loves Michelle so much. Back at camp, Michelle and Zeke (who fells slighted) discuss that moment. Zeke tells the camera that he’s at the bottom of the Millennials tribe. Plus Michelle had plotted against him earlier and has connections to Taylor and Figgy.  To Zeke, that means he might need to abandon the Millennials going forward.

Taylor and Figgy, for whatever reason, decide to come clean about their romance to Jessica and Ken (of course, Adam already knows about it). But both of the Gen-Xers politely tell Figgy that the relationship was quite obvious. As Ken tells the camera, “I’ve been around the block, little girl.”

The immunity challenge is a multiple-phase affair that ends with two players from each team having to guide balls through a table maze. Michaela continually snaps at Hannah, but Michaela is also as good at this as she is in most any challenge, and her Green team comes in first. Michaela then gives tips on how to do the maze to Michelle and Zeke, obviously rooting for them against Figgy and Jessica. Michelle and Zeke barely win, and Michaela explains that she was rooting them on because they are just two Millennials against two Gen-X, whereas Figgy is in a majority along with Taylor and Adam: “If you can’t figure out a way to work together you deserve to go home.”

As soon as the challenge is over, Adam starts looking very stressed-out. Not because he thinks he might be voted out, but because he knows he will make somebody unhappy whether he sides with Figgy and Taylor or Ken and Jessica. Jessica tells Ken he is being targeted and that his only chance is to put a sales pitch on Adam. Adam points out Ken is asking him to trust someone he’s just met.

At Tribal Council, the “Figtayles” relationship comes up. Probst asks, “So Taylor, are you in love?” Taylor answers immediately: “I wouldn’t say that, I think that’s a stretch.” Probst points out that he is an ordained minister who can perform marriages. Figgy says, “Let’s go.” And she is joking … right?

Well, Figgy is the one voted out, and Adam whispers to Taylor that he’ll explain later “if I can.”

contenders: 1. Michelle, 2. Chris, 3. Jay, 4. Zeke, 5. Will, 6. Adam, 7. Jessica, 8. Bret, 9. Sunday

no chance: Taylor, Hannah, Michaela, David, Ken


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