“I lied to you and I screwed you, 100%.” Survivor Millennials vs. Gen-X November 2, 2016 recap

2 Nov

The quotation above is what Adam tells Taylor as our episode begins. It is true, after all. Taylor vows to keep cool and get revenge against Adam later.

Switching camps, David tells Zeke that he has an idol. Is there anyone who David hasn’t tried to make an alliance with? Zeke says all the right things but you get the feeling he is still keeping his options open.

As the tribes come together and see that Figgy has been voted out, Michaela has a huge smile on her face. Probst comments on it and Michaela says “It’s been time for Figgy to go out for a while.” The reward challenge involves first shooting balls through a hoop then having to gently lay them up so they balance on a sort of gutter. Thanks to Michaela, Green makes a comeback to edge Purple for second place. Michaela wonders if anyone sees her as a threat now.

Back at camp, Taylor swears to Ken and Jessica that he will never write either of their names down. This doesn’t seem like it would have much effect — what else is he going to say? — but Ken and Jessica wonder if the more straightforward Taylor might be easier to deal with than more strategic Adam.

Then we come to an almost obligatory part of most any Survivor season: the player who’s a police officer claims to be in another line of work but others suspect he’s a cop anyway. In this case it’s Bret, whose cover story had not been shown up to now, but it is that of a funeral director. “He’s too funny and lively to be a funeral director,” Jay tells his fellow Millennials.

Time for the Immunity challenge, which ends with a slingshot competition. Purple comes in first, and Orange beats out Green for second place. It seems this was the one challenge Michaela couldn’t master.

So Green has to vote someone out, and Bret seems the obvious choice. Still, the whole tribe just sits on a log in total silence for half an hour when they get back to camp. Bret and Sunday don’t seem to be doing much on their own behalf. The Millennials soon confer, and Michaela reviews the numbers of all of the tribes with them, drawing a diagram in the dirt and using rocks and shells to represent people. For now, they plan to split the vote between Bret and Sunday.

But as Jay ponders Michaela’s master plan, he gets to thinking: Michaela is very athletic and very smart too, maybe she needs to go before the merge. He talks about it with Will. Should they tell Hannah? Will says if they tell her she’ll freak out, if not she’ll freak out later. Also, Michaela is their strongest ally, do they want to lose that? By the way: Jay is really proving to be a great character.

After a pretty boring tribal council, the votes are read: Bret, Bret, Michaela, Michaela, Michaela … and before Probst is even done Michaela shrieks and leans over to Jay: “Did you do that?” she shouts. Coolly he answers: “Yeah, I did it.” She proceeds to cuss him out a couple different ways as she gets her torch snuffed, then as she’s walking out she punches something. Nobody likes a sore loser Michaela, and you may be the sorest one in Survivor history.

contenders: 1. Michelle, 2. Chris, 3. Jay, 4. Zeke, 5. Will, 6. Adam, 7. Jessica, 8. Bret

no chance: Taylor, Hannah, David, Ken, Sunday


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