“He couldn’t just play with the weirdos.” Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X November 9, 2016 recap

9 Nov

Surprisingly, Hannah is not freaking out too much about not being in the loop about Michaela’s ouster. She’s actually calm, though she is mad.

Two of the tribes are picked up by boat and join the third to make a merge! I believe this is the first time three tribes have been merged together into one.

So Jay is reunited with Taylor and Michelle, and he also “has” Will, Hannah, Bret, and Sunday from his last tribe, plus an immunity idol. “I’m the kingpin but no one knows, and I want to keep it that way,” he tells us. But Bret sees Jay interact with the other Millennials and wonders how much he can trust him.

Meanwhile, Chris feels good about his alliances with David and Zeke, but naturally wants to regroup with Bret and Sunday.

As for Zeke, he says he’s “delighted to see my old nerdy pals Hannah and Adam.” He notes that Jay is the “locus of power” and has used his charm to draw others in. Is Ken falling for it as well?

A merge feast is served, but Adam is more interested in looking for the “merge idol” he thinks there must be. He doesn’t find that, but does find an advantage that lets him steal another player’s reward at some future time in the game. The theft must be announced to Jeff Probst before the players leave the challenge area. Adam, a big fan of the show, points out that this is a first, and he vows to save it for something that really matters.

The leftovers from the feast are stored in a bunch of Mason jars. In the middle of the night Taylor gets up and fills up a jar for himself that he sneaks off with. Bret sees him, as does Adam. The latter sees a potential trust-building opportunity and goes off to join Taylor. Adam tells Taylor that Jay is “building an army” and has Will as his right-hand man. So Adam proposes voting out Will, then Taylor would advance to being the right-hand man. Adam tells the camera that Taylor is an “incredibly unlikely ally.”

The only problem is, Taylor tells us viewers that he doesn’t want to work with Adam. But Adam is convinced that Taylor is looking favorably upon him, so much so that he proceeds to tell Taylor about the advantage he just found. This is so painful to watch!

Come morning, Ken notices that there were a lot of mangoes in the jars when everyone went to bed, and now they’re almost all gone. Chris is more concerned by his observation that the Millennials are obviously a much tighter group that Gen-X thought. So Gen-X, plus Zeke, talks about voting out Taylor. David worries that all of this is happening too early.

Taylor pulls Jay aside and asks “How tight-lipped can you be?” He reveals that Adam is gunning for Will. They both decide that means Adam has to go. Problem is, Zeke is nearby and overhears them. Adam being voted out would mess up Zeke’s plans! And Will hears about Adam’s plans shortly. Will’s conclusion is that he had better make sure to win immunity at the upcoming challenge.

The challenge is a familiar one: hold your hands in the air as they’re attached to a chain attached to a bucket of water. Drop your hands, or move much at all, and you are out. This challenge has been run multiple times before, including the unforgettable win by Shii Ann in Survivor: All-Stars. But previously it was done one-handed, which Probst now says was not difficult enough.

The 13 players left in the game take their positions. It doesn’t take too long before it’s down to two people: Jessica and Will. The one-hour mark comes. Then the 90-minute mark. Finally Will wins, to Adam’s chagrin.

Back at camp, Jay proposes that Adam be voted out, and for obvious reasons Will agrees. Michelle worries about the move, it seems more personal than strategic to her.

Zeke tells Adam about overhearing Taylor and Jay earlier. Aha, now Adam understands why Will thought he had to win the challenge. But perhaps they have the votes to get out Taylor? In other news, Adam now realizes his earlier approach to Taylor was a terrible move: “I had the feeling I might be playing too hard. I was playing too hard.”

The Gen-Xers get together and agree the Jay-Michelle-Taylor trio must be broken up. But he advocates voting Michelle because she “definitely” doesn’t have an idol. But Ken says the vote has to be for Taylor. No decision is made, so Adam freaks out and goes with his plan B which is … getting Taylor to target someone else? Oh no, I don’t know if I can watch something so pathetic again. Taylor doesn’t offer much hope or consolation. “Information leaks,” says the person who was solely responsible for leaking it.

David and Hannah, the two most neurotic people in the game, are finally on the same tribe, and they saw Adam pull Taylor aside. Can they even trust Adam? Should they just vote Adam out? Hannah tells Adam: “If you freak out too much and keep pulling people aside, the vote will get screwed up.” She bemoans to the camera: “Adam decided he couldn’t just play with the weirdos, he has to sit at the cool kids’ table.” (Hannah is the woman who was convinced by “cool kid” Michelle to change her vote during tribal council with no justification beyond “I’ll tell you later.”) Hannah and Zeke are very frustrated with Adam and say he needs to be voted out soon.

Of course, Adam does have a hidden immunity idol. But he notes, “If I use [the idol] and I have the numbers, I look like a chump.”

At Tribal Council, Taylor’s midnight snacking is revealed, but he’s obviously not worried he’ll be voted out. Meanwhile, Adam could not look any more stressed. Time to vote. We see very few votes, but as Zeke lifts his card up (the front of the card is not shown) we hear him say something to the effect of “I’ve never been able to trust you.” Is he referring to Taylor … or Adam?

Jeff Probst announces this would be the time to play an idol … and Adam looks at everyone else’s facial expressions but then stands pat.

The person voted out is: Michelle! Very tricky on the part of the producers — usually the person voted out gets a lot of screen time during the episode, not so with Michelle.

It turns out the only people who voted for Adam were Michelle, Will, Taylor, and Jay, i.e. the vote was 9-4 with Hannah, Adam, and Zeke all siding with Gen-X.

So my selection as the player most likely to win the game is now out. Michelle was very strategic and smart, and seemed like the next Parvati at first, but her social game was not in the same league with Parvati’s.

contenders: 1. Chris, 2. Zeke, 3. Jay, 4. Will, 5. Jessica, 6. Bret, 7. Adam

no chance: Taylor, Hannah, David, Ken, Sunday

jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Michelle (Jay)


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