“I’m not just a regular dumb surfer.” Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X November 16, 2016 recap

16 Nov

Taylor, worried that Adam will spill the beans about the jars of food Taylor buried, tries to engage Adam in conversation. Adam tells the camera that being on the bottom of the Gen-X alliance is better than being out of the game, which is where Taylor tried to put him.

I thought last episode’s tribal council had already revealed to all of the players how much food Taylor ate, but apparently no one was aware of the full extent (other than Adam, who saw him).

The reward challenge has two teams determined by schoolyard pick, with Chris and Hannah as captains. However, when you look at the teams you wonder if Chris had the first five picks, as all of the athletic guys are on his team! Meanwhile Hannah’s team looks as if she had set out to draft a chess club. This leads to the expected result in the challenge. Even Jeff Probst has to remark “What a blowout!” On the reward, a big meal at the resort, Bret the putative funeral director, orders the bartender to serve him drinks till he drops, while Sunday tells us it’s time for her to take control of the game. Up to now it seems like she was barely playing the game!

Back at camp, Jay and Adam chat in the water. When Adam states the obvious, namely that Jay, Will, and Taylor are now on the bottom, Jay is both shocked and insulted.

Commercial break: a Subaru ad features a woman daydreaming about a carefree day riding a freight train through the countryside, while a disclaimer appears on the screen :”Do not ride a freight train.”

Back to Survivor: Sunday thinks Jessica has been giving her the evil eye and is “after” her because Sunday voted for Jessica previously. Sunday  wants to pull in Jay to make a move against Jessica.

The challenge involves balancing a ball on the rounded part of a bow while standing on a balance beam. Jeff Probst announces that anyone who feels safe can forgo the shot at immunity to have sandwiches and drink beer (as with the reward challenge, he stresses that soft drinks are also on hand for the underage Will). Zeke and Will both opt to eat, Will telling us that he wouldn’t have a chance against the surfers who are competing. And by golly, the last two standing are indeed surfers: Taylor and Ken. Ken pulls out the victory.

Soon after everyone gets back to camp, a plan is forged to split the votes between Jay and Taylor. Sunday decides to back off her Jessica plan for now. Taylor tells Jay about his food stash, and they go enjoy some. Taylor also tells Jay about Adam’s advantage, but Jay doesn’t reciprocate by saying he has an immunity idol.

Tribal Council has just gotten started when Taylor tells the world about both his food theft and Adam’s advantage. The show tries to make a big deal of how now the jury is supposedly suddenly undecided, but I don’t buy it for a second. Also, Jay tries to join in attacking Adam, but it’s quickly pointed out that Jay ate some of the food, unlike Adam who simply knew about it. But Jay does tell us “I’m not just a regular dumb surfer,” drawing a distinction between himself and Taylor. Finally the fake controversy can’t be drawn out any longer and the players vote.

Adam doesn’t pull out his idol and surprisingly neither does Jay. Taylor is voted out. Amusingly, one person drew a picture of a chomped-on drumstick next to Taylor’s name.

The vote was somewhat curious, however. Jay voted for Taylor as you would expect, while the ever-dense Taylor cast the only vote for Adam. But Will voted for Jay rather than Taylor. Also, among the others, there were 6 votes for Taylor and only 3 for Jay. So it’s possible that someone really did switch a Jay vote to Taylor upon hearing about the food theft.

contenders: 1. Chris, 2. Zeke, 3. Jay, 4. Will, 5. Jessica, 6. Bret

no chance: Hannah, David, Ken, Sunday, Adam

jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Michelle (Jay), Taylor (Jay)


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