“She’s like a crazy lady.” Survivor: Game Changers March 29 2017 recap

6 Apr
J.T. denies to his tribemates that he told Brad that they were going to vote for Sierra (which is of course a lie). J.T. knows he’s in trouble and really needs a hidden immunity idol. He goes looking and finds an identical clue to the one Tai found last episode. With everyone away from the spot, J.T. is soon able to dig it up.
Before the reward challenge, we see the tribes discuss amongst themselves who will be doing which task at the challenge. This stuff is only ever shown when it will come back to haunt someone, either due to someone acting bossy or someone claiming he will be able to do something that he will later fail at …
The red team has a lead but alas, Debbie is not able to do the part that involves balancing a ball on a disc and crossing a balance beam. Or at least she has to try it multiple times, and while she is doing so the challenge ends. So no reward for the team. As the tribe leaves we hear Debbie tell us viewers that Brad is a dictator who gives all the orders and doesn’t listen, but we are shown a rare Survivor flashback that reminds us that before the challenge Debbie told Brad she has a “really good sense of balance.” 
On the green tribe, Sarah proposes an alliance to Troyzan in the most cautious way imaginable. Troy is naturally hoping not to have to play his idol. Sarah, a cop, tells us she is going to lie to the others the way criminals lie to her. 
At the red camp, Debbie grabs a bunch of stuff and leaves camp, she’s upset. Turns out it’s because she thinks Brad doesn’t show her any respect, while Hali gets whatever she wants. Tai tries to calm her down but tells us “she’s like a crazy lady.” Then Debbie, after spending the last few minutes exploding in anger, tells us “I don’t explode in anger.”
On the blue tribe, Michaela is eating too much sugar to suit JT, so Sandra secretly eats all the rest of the sugar hoping JT will blame Michaela. And back at the red camp, Tai finds an idol clue. This is getting a bit ridiculous in terms of these clues and idols being too easy to find (for everyone except Troy).
Time for the immunity challenge which includes a balance beam. Debbie insists on doing that part and refuses to even discuss it. Then during the first phase of the challenge Debbie keeps carping to Brad. When the balance beam part rolls around, Debbie (who was evidently overruled) keeps complaining that Hali is doing it rather than the gymnast (i.e. Debbie). Red actually wins the challenge thanks to Brad’s ace performance on the slingshot. So Ozzy and J.T, vie for the critical second place, and Ozzy barely beats him. This also ensures another episode of almost no camera time for the green tribe (in case you have forgotten about them completely, they are Ozzy, Zeke, Cirie, Andrea, Troyzan, and Sarah).
On the blue tribe, Aubry thinks Michaela has to go. And Jeff Varner says he’s behind the idea 100%. But Sandra sees her alliance as Varner and Michaela. So it’s Varner’s decision: will he side with them to vote J.T. out, or with J.T. and Aubry to vote Michaela out? The tribal council is mostly about Michaela and how hard she is to live with. After the votes are cast, Jeff Probst announces that this would be the time to play an idol … and J.T. does nothing! He is voted out, 3-2, despite having an idol (which, he reveals in his final confessional, he didn’t even bring to Tribal Council). Two dumb moves in two weeks for J.T. I don’t care if he won a season, this guy sucks at Survivor!
After J.T. is gone, Sandra admits the ate the sugar.
Why this decision for Varner, other than the fact that J.T. makes a lousy ally? Probably it’s because the idea of allying with two villains to take a target off of himself is pretty appealing.
In the previews for next week, there is something about a former Survivor returning. Please let it be Tony and/or Malcolm. That would be bad for the integrity of the game, but great for entertainment value.
contenders: 1. Zeke, 2. Cirie, 3. Aubry, 4. Andrea, 5. Brad, 6. Ozzy, 7. Sierra, 8. Sandra, 9. Hali, 10. Varner
not sure: Sarah, Troyzan
no chance: Tai, Debbie, Michaela

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