“We gotta approach it real, real easy.” Survivor Game Changers May 3, 2017 recap

3 May
After Tribal Council everyone is so quiet that Sarah finally just says “Are people confused on who flipped?” She explains that it was her.
The reward challenge ends with an anagrammed phrase to decipher. Both tribes ponder it for over 50 minutes when suddenly Andrea realizes the 11-letter word could be “reinventing.” Winning a spa day are Andrea, Aubry, Sarah, Zeke, and Brad.
At the reward, Brad and Zeke bond over football, with Mr. Culpepper asking the Oklahoman if he saw the championship game of the 2008 season, which was played January 2009 and won by Florida. Andrea is annoyed that Zeke is palling around with Brad at all: “It’s super-lame.”
Back at camp, Troyzan and Tai talk about the possibility of an idol being played, and it’s amusing to see both keep their poker faces. After all, Troy secretly has an idol, and Tai secretly has two!
When the people who were on the reward return, we find out that Aubry is also concerned about Zeke bonding with Brad. And Andrea suggests to Cirie that they blindside Zeke. Cirie wonders, though, if “Officer Sarah” would be on board with that. Sarah tells Cirie “I already know how I want to handle Zeke,” alluding to “backup.” Then she explains to Cirie what she means by backup: the vote-stealer advantage. Sarah tells us viewers that she wants to let both sides’ plans develop and just pick a side at the very end.
Sarah talks to Zeke; they want to oust Sierra, Andrea, and Tai in that order. It certainly sounds like Sarah considers Zeke her #1 ally. Meanwhile, Zeke offers Brad and Troy a final five deal (with the others being himself, Sarah, and Michaela). I have to say none of this is doing anything to move Zeke up my rankings, as he’s really just positioning himself as a threat, as he did last season.
The immunity challenge is one we’ve seen before: arrange a long row of blocks so they’ll fall domino-style, but as you set them up you have to keep high-stepping through a metal grid. If you graze it, the blocks will fall over. Andrea gets to the end of her row but finds she has run out of blocks, i.e. she set up her blocks too close to one another. So others race to catch her as she tries to re-set her blocks further apart. Finally she decides she’s ready, and the blocks all fall as planned, and she wins immunity. I’m so proud of my girlfriend! Oops, sorry, she’s not really my girlfriend.
Sierra is worried about being on the chopping block, and she is certainly getting a lot of camera time this episode.
Now we come to a wonderful sequence. Andrea and Cirie go chat by the well. Andrea wants to go after Zeke, and she tells Cirie so. But Cirie wonders if Sierra would join them to vote Brad. Just at that moment Sierra comes by and says she’ll do anything to make sure it’s not her. Andrea and Cirie say they were just discussing that, could Sierra come back shortly? Cirie tells Andrea they would have to get Sarah on board for the move, and just then they see Sarah coming. “Be easy though, we gotta approach it real, real easy,” mutters Cirie, who has really been masterful lately.
As we viewers know to expect, Sarah doesn’t care for the Zeke plan. But she says, “I really need to keep my mouth shut because if I start scramblin’ around to try to save Zeke, I’m gonna get in hot water.” Yes! She has figured this out, it’s amazing how many Survivor players don’t.
Michaela and Sarah talk, they both think one of the four (Brad, Sierra, Tai or Troy) needs to go home. Otherwise a 6-4 edge only becomes 5-4, and if one person flips they would be right back on the bottom.
Tribal Council is very boring as Jeff Probst just belabors the obvious. So let’s fast-forward to the vote. We see Sierra’s vote, it’s for Tai (?).  Probst reads the votes and after the first five it is three votes Tai, two votes Sierra. And then he reads the other five votes … all for Zeke, who is voted out. Michaela is sobbing!
My first reaction is that this is a good move for Andrea (whom Zeke was about to come after, by his own admission in the credits scene). But is it a good move for the others, Aubry, Cirie, Sarah, and Michaela (yes, she did vote for Zeke, the sobs notwithstanding)?
In my rankings, Cirie moves past Brad into my #1 spot. Let me take a brief look at the seven players I think are contenders.
Cirie thoughts: Her social and strategic game have been amazing the past few weeks, and with Zeke out nobody seems to be gunning for her.
Brad thoughts: With his new improved social game and his athletic skills, he could certainly win it all.
Sierra thoughts: She’s athletic and fairly wily, but what is her resume exactly?
Aubry thoughts: Being under the radar and smart maneuvering could get her to the end. But the fact that she couldn’t beat out Michele in the Kaoh Rong final makes me wonder if she can convince a jury this time.
Andrea thoughts: Several people seem to think of her as the #1 threat in the game, and winning the last immunity reinforces that. She will probably have to win at least one key immunity to make the finals.
Sarah thoughts: Will she win the game or go out in the very next vote? I tend to think she is just too honest to do the former.
Troyzan thoughts: Right now his resume is zero, but he also doesn’t have anyone mad at him, plus he has his athletic skills and an idol.
contenders: 1. Cirie, 2. Brad, 3. Sierra, 4. Aubry, 5. Andrea, 6. Sarah, 7. Troyzan
no chance: Tai, Michaela
jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Hali (no idea), Ozzy (Andrea), Debbie (Sierra), Zeke (Brad)

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