“You’re my ‘it girl’ out there.” Survivor Game Changers May 10 2017 recap

13 May
In last episode’s tribal council, Brad, Sierra, and Troy voted for their ally Tai, no doubt having been given that name by Andrea & Co. as a fake-out. So now Brad wonders if he has lost Tai. Meanwhile Cirie wants to target Brad or Sierra.
Sierra tells Sarah that she’s going to “throw up a Hail Mary.” She proceeds to tell Sarah that she has the Legacy Advantage, which as you’ll recall can only be used one more time in this game, at final six. Sierra says that if the two of them make it to the round of six, she will use it to help the two of them. If not and she is voted out before then, she’ll bequeath it to Sarah. Sarah tells us that this makes her feel good about aligning with Sierra, and it’s good to have someone who gives her information.
Regular readers of this blog know that I am no fan of the annual “loved ones” episode, and this one seems to be drawn-out more than most. We do, however, learn that Andrea endured the death of a sister some years ago. And I’m surprised how happy I am to see Brad’s wife Monica Culpepper again!
The reward challenge has three teams of three competing. The one that wins is Aubry, Andrea, and Brad. Inevitably, Jeff Probst says they can pick another player and his or her loved one to go on the reward, and everyone begs to be chosen. Andrea picks Cirie and her son. Then Probst says they have to make a second and final pick, and Aubry says it’s Sarah and her boyfriend/husband. It isn’t clear if these were consensus picks of the three or if Brad has no say in the matter.
On the reward, Brad talks to Monica, who is a great advisor to have since she made it all the way to the final three of a season. Monica points out that Michaela was obviously angry she wasn’t chosen and is therefore a threat to flip.
The only ones back at camp and not on the reward are Sierra, Troy, Tai, and Michaela. The latter two talk seriously about an alliance. Then all four discuss Andrea: none of them could win against her at the finals, therefore they need to target her.
The immunity challenge is, I believe, a brand-new one. The contestants have to hold up a buoy using two short poles that can easily slip out of their sockets … and do. It comes down to Michaela, Brad, and Tai. Brad wins. Surprisingly for the former pro athlete, it’s his first-ever individual immunity win per Jeff Probst.
The situation we’re left with is that Tai and Michaela are the swing votes. They can join with Sierra, Brad, and Troy to vote out Andrea, or join with Andrea, Cirie, and Aubry to vote out Sierra.
As noted earlier, Sarah appeared to be ready to vote with Sierra as well. But now, having pondered the legacy advantage Sierra told her about, Sarah comes up with an absolutely diabolical plan. She wants to vote Sierra out, but while pretending to be on her side, so an unwitting Sierra still gives Sarah the Legacy Advantage as promised! Wow!
Of course, there are two huge possible pitfalls. The first is that Sierra could realize Sarah has turned on her and will the Legacy Advantage to someone else (as we know from last season, this bequeathal is made after the player’s torch has been snuffed and he or she has left Tribal Council). The second pitfall is that not enough votes come together to vote Sierra out, in which case Sierra would obviously become a bitter enemy.
Sarah addresses the first issue immediately in her next conversation with Sierra. The cop tells the rodeo rider “I love you. You’re, like, my ‘it girl’ out there. Like, on a real level.” The feeling seems to be mutual. Then Sierra reveals to Sarah that Tai and Michaela are going to vote against Andrea. So soon, Sarah looks up Michaela and tells her about the Legacy Advantage, and in no time Michaela and Tai have decided to switch their votes to Sierra … or so it seems at least. Wow, Sarah is so impressive here. Combined with her recent hiding the idol in the shoe maneuver, she has made two of the slickest moves this season.
A note on Sarah: I was going to say earlier that Sarah lied to Sierra “with a straight face,” but Sarah pretty much has the same pained expression no matter what she’s saying. That probably helps her pull these things off.
By the way, as with every prior episode, nobody is targeting Cirie. How is that possible?
At Tribal Council, nothing happens other than everyone stating the obvious. When the votes come, there are three for Andrea and the rest are for Sierra!
By the way, Sarah makes sure to play her role to the very end, putting on an extremely shocked expression as Sierra grabs her torch and exits the game. After the credits we find out Sierra does indeed will the advantage to Sarah, making this incredible maneuver complete.
It will be interesting to see next week whether Michaela and Tai make the connection that Sarah must now have the advantage. Of course, Sarah also still has her vote-steal advantage which neither of them knows about.
Let me update my look at the six players I think are contenders.
#1 Cirie: When are the others going to wake up and see that she’s an even bigger threat than Andrea, since she has more connections in the game than Andrea does?
#2 Brad: Even though this was his first immunity win, he’s certainly a threat to win more of them, and he already has a couple of fans on the jury.
#3 Sarah: She moved way up in my rankings. She has some amazing moves on her resume now, however she has had a hand in the ouster of most of the people on the jury, so would they be too bitter to give her a vote?
#4 Aubry: Nobody seems to be gunning for her, but perhaps the others all think that if Michelle could beat her in the Kaoh Rong finals, they can beat her as well?
#5 Andrea: Has played a very good game, unfortunately she seems to be at the very top of everyone’s list of threats, and unlike some of the others, she doesn’t have an advantage or idol. Winning a couple of key immunity challenges seems to be her only shot to get to the finals.
#6 Troyzan: If Brad wins the next immunity, Troy had best get ready to play his idol. Barring that, he can likely stay under the radar a while longer, but he’s running out of time to make any kind of resume-building move.
contenders: 1. Cirie, 2. Brad, 3. Sarah, 4. Aubry, 5. Andrea, 6. Troyzan
no chance: Tai, Michaela
jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Hali (no idea), Ozzy (Andrea), Debbie (Sierra), Zeke (Brad), Sierra (Brad)

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