Survivor Game Changers Review: Who Helped His Or Her Legacy, Who Hurt it?

25 May

These Players’ Stock Rose:

Sarah. Wow. She went from a player I didn’t even remember to a winner who pulled off a couple of all-time great moves.

Sandra. Count me among the people who didn’t respect her previous wins very much, but boy was she impressive here, basically bending people to her will left and right. But the other players weren’t about to let her get near the finals a third time.

Cirie: Much like Sandra, she had made it far in other seasons without seeming to do too much, but boy was her social game impressive here. Nobody was targeting her for the entire game, literally! That usually means you win. Which she might well have if not for her huge blunder in the vote-steal advantage fiasco.

Sierra: I didn’t even remember that she had played before, yet this time she was supposedly “controlling the game” for a while, not that we viewers really ever saw precisely what that entailed.

Brad: Surprisingly his social game was good or even great for a while, and overall he was much better, but for the last few days he reverted to the arrogant jock we knew from his last appearance.

Andrea: Though the results weren’t hugely different than her previous times, everyone seemed to look at Andrea as the biggest threat in the game for a while, and it’s a tribute to her that she stuck around a while with neither big numbers nor an idol.

Hali: Nothing but a pretty face her first season, this time she had a few moments doing some lawyering at tribal council.

Troyzan: He had more of a social game this time, and was better than in the One World season in which he didn’t start playing the game until it was too late.

These Players Stayed the Same:

Ciera. She played the same game she played previously, but this time it happened to get her voted out first. Incidentally, in a season that also had players named Cirie, Sierra, and Sarah, it would really have been confusing if Ciera had stuck around.

Tony. I’m not sure what he could have done to stay in the game longer. Playing the under-the-radar game would have been impossible for him, as too many people wanted him out.

Caleb: Like his last season, he was gone before we could find out too much about him.

Malcolm: Never had a chance thanks to J.T. being a complete idiot.

Ozzy: The same guy as he was in previous seasons, and that’s both good and bad.

Zeke: Playing too hard was his problem the first time and this time as well. (I never did figure out why he was always trying to knock out Andrea, whom he knew outside of the game and who was a key number in his alliance).

Aubry: Much like the first time, she managed to stay in the game despite disasters happening left and right.

Tai: OK, he did a couple of impressive things, with an uncanny sense of when he didn’t need to play his idol. Had Brad been smart enough to take him to the finals, it would have been the exact same result as in Kaoh Rong: a blowout finals loss for Tai. I know Jeff Probst’s straw poll at the reunion show indicated Tai would have barely lost, but I’m not convinced the votes really would have gone that way.

These Players’ Stock Fell:

Michaela: On Millennials vs. Gen-X she was one of the better players in the game and a major threat to win. Here, she was the brat nobody could stand.

J.T.: Went from making a somewhat dumb move in Heroes vs. Villains to an incredibly dumb move on this season. Took down his own game and that of several others for no reason.

Jeff Varner: I never really saw his appeal as a character, but this time he showed a really unpleasant side of himself.

Debbie: Her kookiness was quite endearing in her first season, incredibly annoying this time. Debbie wins the title of the player who I would least want to have a cubicle next to at work.


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