“That is not an advantage.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers October 18 2017 recap

18 Oct

The episode begins with … the challenge site? Yes, because it’s time for a tribe swap! The new tribes are as follows.

Blue: Ashley and Alan; Desi and Joe; Devon

Yellow: Ryan and Ali; Chrissy and J.P.; Roark

Red: Cole, Jessica, and Mike; Lauren; Ben

Normally I’m no huge fan of these tribe swaps, but as my earlier posts show, this season has had some boring stretches thus far, so I’m all for mixing it up!

The Red team wins the reward challenge. At the peanut butter and jelly reward, Jessica looks into her bag of chips and sees a secret advantage. She looks at the note later and sees that it is the power to block one person from voting at the next Tribal Council. She can send it to someone anonymously, and the recipient won’t know the power until they open it at tribal council. If Jessica’s tribe doesn’t go to Tribal Council, she has to send it to someone on the tribe that does.

Jessica tells her boyfriend Cole about it, and also her fellow Healer Mike. But then Cole decides to win some trust by telling Ben. What the heck? “It cancels out one of y’all’s votes” is how he puts it. And then Cole tells Lauren too! So everyone on the tribe knows!

On the Yellow tribe, Ryan takes a walk with Chrissy and tells her that he’s the one who sent her the immunity idol back in the first episode. How did he choose her, she asks. We viewers know the real answer: Chrissy was vomiting and looked a bit pathetic, and he wanted to get it to the weakest tribe member. But wisely Ryan gives a different story. “I just had a good vibe,” he says. And she buys it!

On the blue tribe, Ashley tells us her worst case scenario was being on a tribe with Alan. Still, it’s in their interest to work together, and she suggests they team with Devon to oust Desi or Joe.

Joe, for his part, wastes no time in telling Devon that the Heroes spoke to Joe about getting Devon out, which is a complete fabrication.

Back on the red tribe, Lauren and Ben (no, not that Lauren and Ben, thank goodness), being on a tribe with three Healers, decide to see if they can swing Dr. Mike. They tell him about the advantage. He pretends this is the first he’s heard of it, but immediately wonders how news leaked out and knows it had to be Cole. Mike tells Jessica that everyone knows about the advantage, and she confronts Cole. Cole denies telling Lauren. Anyone could spot his guilty face a mile away so in an effort to deflect he sheepishly does admit to telling Ben. Jessica, having long since decided Cole is the love of her life, wonders what she has gotten into here.

The immunity challenge is won by Red with Yellow second. So the Blue tribe has to go to Tribal Council. Devon talks to Ashley and soon confirms his suspicions that Joe was lying earlier. He and Ashley hug, but Desi sees them doing so and tells Joe about it.

Joe decides there’s no alternative to playing his immunity idol at Tribal Council. But now he needs to ensure that all the votes are cast against him, so he gets the most value out of the move.

So as everyone sits together, Joe and Alan face off a bit, and we find out Alan is a true voice of reason compared to Joe. I also am getting to enjoy Alan as a character because he’s different than the usual player, even if he is a bit crazy! Anyway, Joe goes scorched earth and declares he’s voting Ashley. Desi is understandably furious that Joe is blowing up his own game and Desi’s along with it. In a classic line, Joe tells Desi, “You’re probably upset but … I had to get the target off you somehow.” She counters that his over-the-top display will convince everyone Joe has an idol so the votes will now go to her. Joe insists he’s willing to give her the idol.

And then we see Devon reach into his bag and get a surprise. He’s the one who has received Jessica’s secret advantage. Surely he’ll just block Joe’s vote and this will be smooth sailing, right?

At tribal council, the arguing from camp continues. Jeff Probst announces that it’s time to vote, and Devon announces that he has an advantage to open. All smiles, he opens it up … only to find out that the advantage is being used against him to block his vote. What? Boy, I misunderstood that. Did Jessica misunderstand too? More on that shortly. Also, Probst is quick to note that although Devon can’t vote, he can be voted against! Gee, thanks Jeff.

This obviously changes everything. Will everyone just put their votes on Devon now? But there’s no time for any discussion, as everyone is sent to vote immediately. When they’re done, Probst asks if anyone has an idol. Joe goes up to him and clarifies that he can use it on himself or someone else. Joe eyes his tribemates and says he’s going to keep it for himself.

Sure enough, two votes were for Joe and don’t count … and the other two were for Alan, who is now out! Joe boasts to Ashley, “I read your face. Thank you baby girl.”

Now then, did Jessica (understandably) misunderstand what she was doing with this advantage? She had said earlier in the episode that she wanted to use it in a way that would help the Healers. Remember the Blue tribe had two Healers (Joe and Desi), one Hustler (Devon) and two Heroes (Alan and Ashley). It’s pretty clear in that scenario that the Hustler will either ally with the Healers to vote out a Hero, or vice versa. So how would Jessica know she isn’t taking a vote away from a 3-2 majority for her group? Wouldn’t it have made much more sense to block the vote of Alan or Ashley? I’m going to guess that this was unintentional.

Contenders: Devon, Ben, Ali, Ryan, Ashley, Chrissy, Jessica

Not sure: J.P., Roark, Cole, Desi, Mike

No chance: Lauren, Joe


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