“I just want to have a thoughtful conversation.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers October 25 2017 recap

26 Oct

Ben is standing near the fire when the bamboo starts popping in the flames, almost sounding like a series of explosions. He is freaked out, and we learn that he is still traumatized by his experiences as a Marine in combat.

The reward challenge is a “slither” challenge similar to the memorable one from the Millennials vs. Gen-X season. Ryan is trying his best but keeps losing the ball (that he’s supposed to be pushing with his head while slithering along) off to the side. It’s no huge deal, as the reward is just coffee and some pastries.

On the blue tribe, Ashley and Devon confirm that they are sticking together at the next vote no matter what, which would make for a 2 vs. 2 situation. They hope they could get Desi to side with them rather than go to a rock-draw tiebreaker.

On the yellow tribe, Ali and Roark take a walk. They are both eager to align with one another. This would give Ali the long-term protection of the Healers tribe which has yet to lose a member, and help Roark in the short term.

This development makes Ryan nervous. He’s tight with Ali but also tight with Chrissy, and those two won’t work with one another (according to him, we’re not shown any proof).

On the red tribe, Dr. Mike and Jessica head for the well and start digging around looking for an idol. And no, they don’t have Cole with them, since he would tell everyone in earshot about any idol within 30 seconds. The idea to look for one in that spot is a solid one, since they know Joe found an idol in the corresponding spot on a different beach. And sure enough, Mike finds it.

Time for the immunity challenge, which ends in the puzzle that’s similar to  the old arcade game “Ice Cold Beer” which we’ve seen before in Survivor: Kaoh Rong and Survivor: Worlds Apart. My main takeaway from the challenge is noticing that beauty queen Desi appears to be very athletic; she did well in the immunity challenge as well.

Chrissy can’t seem to handle the puzzle. Early on she asks to sub out until she takes off her shoes, but later she refuses to sub out when asked. And her tribe does indeed lose.

Back at camp, Chrissy takes Roark aside and says “I just want to have a thoughtful conversation.” They agree to work together, but Roark just told us moments ago that she thinks Chrissy needs to go home. And Chrissy tells us afterwards that she doesn’t believe a word Roark says.

Chrissy floats the idea of voting out Roark to J.P., who points out that Roark is good in challenges. But then Chrissy tells the fib that Roark wants to do an all-girl alliance, and J.P. instantly says Roark has to go. Chrissy tells us “J.P., Ryan, and myself will blindside Roark and send her home.” OK, timeout here. Much like Lauren in a prior episode, Chrissy is guilty of misusing the term blindside. A person who goes to tribal council worried that he will be voted out but hopeful he can avoid it, and is then voted out, has not just been blindsided. That term is reserved for someone who has no idea he is the target.

Ali tells Ryan that she and Roark want to vote out Chrissy, and Ryan says he’s on board. So Ryan is the critical vote here. Does he move forward in the game with Chrissy, or Ali?

At tribal council Ali and Roark are quick to criticize Chrissy and vice versa and things get surprisingly heated. Roark, who we’ll find out shortly is a superfan, is not very impressive in this setting. Surely any superfan knows that the best way to get through Tribal Council is to avoid really answering any tough questions? Also, surely J.P. doesn’t still think there’s an all-girl alliance in the offing after watching this?

When the votes are read, we find that Ryan decided in favor of Chrissy, and Roark is voted out. I won’t question his decision, though I want to because Chrissy is so annoying. She definitely wins my “player I would not want to have the cubicle next to at work” award.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another tribe swap soon, as things are already getting a bit boring again. I really hope Devon and Joe stick around a while, as they’re the only characters who really do much for me at this point.

Contenders: Devon, Ben, Ashley, Ryan, Chrissy, Jessica, Desi, Ali

Not sure: Cole, Mike

No chance: Lauren, Joe, J.P.


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