“Squatting is never fun.” Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers November 22 2017 recap

26 Nov

Ten people are left in the game.

Mike tells us his strategy will now be to protect himself by bringing up the names of the other Healers (Joe and Cole) as candidates to be voted out. Ben says he hasn’t told anyone about Lauren’s advantage. Incredibly, as far as we viewers know, not one player noticed that there was one vote too few cast at the last Tribal Council.

Also, Ryan reveals to Devon that he has an idol. Their conversation includes this dialogue which will be important later:

Devon: “No one knows.”

Ryan: “Yeah.”

Devon: “No one, that’s never leaking.”

Ryan: “I know.”

The reward challenge is a water challenge at which we are reminded that Ashley is a lifeguard and a great swimmer. But the most impressive swimming is actually by J.P.

The reward-winning team has the three healers Mike, Joe, and Cole, as well as Chrissy and J.P. enjoying a feast on the deck of a yacht. Cole chows down on the reward feast, pointing out to us viewers that he has only lost one challenge so far this entire season, so if he’s well-fed, watch out. Part of the feast is a big chocolate cake that Joe slices every which way in case there’s an idol clue in there. He’s clearly on the chopping block so it doesn’t matter if everyone sees him. The yacht then sails past the other tribe’s beach. The other players race out to the beach to moon them as they sail by.

Back at camp, Ryan takes Ben aside and … tells him about the idol! Ben says he won’t mention it to anyone.

Later, Ben says he and Lauren are going to need a third person to align with, which I find fascinating because he doesn’t count Chrissy, who he’s supposedly in a tight alliance with! The person Ben wants to talk to is Devon. He tells Devon that Ryan has an idol. “Really? Wow,” Devon says.

Devon is blown away, because Ryan told Devon that he was he only person who knew. Though that’s not exactly what happened in the part of the conversation we saw: see the quotation above. And in any case Chrissy definitely knows about Ryan’s idol as well, as we saw last week. But the facts aside, Devon takes this development, or perceived development, to mean he can’t trust Ryan now. He tells us, “I’m going to move on [from Ryan]. I’m going to play this game with Ben, and I’m gonna have to make some big moves comin’ up.”

The challenge is a new one in which the players have to maintain a squatting position with bars on their shoulders (this is like something a physical therapist would come up with). The key is that they can’t raise up too high or squat down too low. “Squatting is never fun,” Probst observes. The challenge comes down to Cole and Lauren, but Lauren wins.

So now Cole’s only hope is that everyone is so mad at Joe they’ll vote him out instead. I’m not buying the suggestion that this has any chance of happening.

Ben quickly gets word out to his alliance that they have to split votes between Cole and Mike. Huh? It seems odd that they would worry about an immunity idol after none was played last week. Ashley asks why not Cole and Joe, since Joe has been doing his best to provoke her and others for days. Ben won’t hear of it. And it turns out Devon and Chrissy would both rather vote out Joe as well. All agree that Ben is being too domineering here.

Ben tells Mike that the vote will be for Cole. Mike tells us, “Every person that I’ve trusted has betrayed my trust. So I’m not playing their game. I gotta do something to send one of these threats home. I’m gonna make the world implode by playing my idol.”

At the start of Tribal Council, Mike tells Joe to follow his lead, but Mike’s lead is to grandstand and say that it’s unethical for the others to think Joe shouldn’t be there and then not vote out Joe.

The vote takes place, Probst asks about idols, and Mike stands up to play his … on himself.  All of the votes are for Cole except one vote for Ben, so Cole becomes the second jury member.

Yes, I said there was one vote for Ben, meaning Mike and Joe both voted Cole. So why in the world did Mike just play his idol on himself? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Contenders: 1. Devon, 2. Ashley, 3. Ryan, 4. Chrissy, 5. Ben 6. Mike

No chance: Lauren, Joe, J.P.

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Desi (Joe), Cole (Joe)


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