“Secret, secret, secret!” Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers December 13, 2017 recap

16 Dec

After everyone gets back from Tribal Council, Ben goes to fetch water, and the other five players are quick to say Ben has to go next. Come daybreak, Ben is up before anyone and goes looking for a hidden immunity idol, to no avail.

The reward challenge is played by teams of two, randomly chosen. The team of Devon and Chrissy wins, and they are allowed to choose one person to join them. They choose Ryan, and Chrissy is quite outraged, and when the others get back to camp we see Mike’s outraged too. And Ben tells us that Mike is his next target, which is strange since Mike seems like a good person to go to the finals with. And Mike is not worried about Ben finding an idol, since Mike has scoured both the beach and the woods and not found it.

At the reward, an overnight stay at a resort, Chrissy proposes a final three alliance between the three of them (herself, Ryan, and Devon) and Devon says he would love it. And why wouldn’t he, since sitting next to those two at the finals seems a best case scenario? More discussion on that at the end of this recap.

Time for the immunity challenge (this is day 36 by the way). The final stage of the puzzle is fitting cogs together to form a machine that will unfurl a flag. Chrissy is the winner.

When everyone gets back to camp, Ben goes to “get water.” The obvious move for the others is to shadow him everywhere to prevent his finding an idol, but oddly nobody does that. Ben tells us “these people are crazy for not followin’ me.”

Ashley suggests the vote be split between Ben and Mike. But when Ashley is gone (but Mike is around), Chrissy tells everyone else to vote Ashley, and says they can take out Ben at a later time. Mike warns that Ben “has a ferocity that transcends this game.” Surprisingly, Devon is one of the people Chrissy is talking to when she proposes ousting Ashley. Chrissy must be really confident in that final three deal they made earlier.

Ben continues to look for the idol, and finally he does find a clue. It says the idol is tied to the underside of the tribe’s shelter! So Ben has to find a way too grab it discreetly while pretty much in plain sight. While everyone else chats about their favorite kinds of bagels, Ben lies on the shelter floor and discreetly gropes around underneath. And all of this very shortly before Tribal Council. We don’t find out whether he has found it.

At tribal council, Devon antagonizes Ben a bit for the second time this episode. Devon has come across as pretty villainous lately!

Then well before it’s time to vote, Ben pulls out his newfound idol and hangs it around his neck. “Secret, secret, secret!” he says in a singsong voice, then makes an “explosion” sound and accompanying hand gesture. Devon expresses doubt that Ben will play the idol, so Ben hands it to Jeff Probst then and there, before the vote. That may be a first in Survivor history!

Ben tells everyone they should vote Mike, but when the votes are read, there is just one vote for Mike and all the rest are for … Ashley. She accepts a hug from Ben on her way out, but declines one from Devon.

Frankly I think this was a good move by everyone — see my last post where I ranked Ashley as the player with the best chance to win the game!

Normally I would say Ben’s early idol hand-in was a bad move since there is no downside to playing the idol after the vote, with the potential upside of getting a vibe that all the votes are going elsewhere in which case one can hold onto one’s idol. But in this case it probably wasn’t a bad move since Ben was the #1 target no matter what. But unanswered is the question of why Ben voted for Ashley after telling everyone he was voting for Mike.

So who should each player be trying to go to the final three with? I would think Devon, Ben, and Mike should all want to go with Chrissy and Ryan. I just can’t envision any of the six already-seated jury members with the exception of J.P. voting for Chrissy — she sparred with Joe and Ashley, she voted to oust Desi, was on the other side of the votes from Lauren, and just doesn’t seem like the type Cole would favor. And I can’t see anyone on the jury being a Ryan fan. Not that Mike has made any effective moves, but he does have three of his former Healers mates on the jury at least. Chrissy‘s path to winning is tough to find — perhaps if she does something amazing between now and the final council and then goes to the end with Ben and Ryan? She could argue that Ryan did the same things as she did but fewer of them, and hope that enough people are mad at Ben. I know I’m reaching a bit here. I guess Ryan‘s best shot would be that same trio and hoping that enough people dislike Chrissy and are mad at Ben. Very long odds.

Contenders: 1. Devon, 2. Ben, 3. Mike, 4. Chrissy, 5. Ryan

No chance: All remaining players have a chance this time.

Jury and who I think they’ll vote for: Desi (Mike), Cole (Devon), J.P. (Chrissy), Joe (Mike), Lauren (Devon), Ashley (Ben)


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