Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Final Thoughts

27 Dec

This will not go down in history as one of the great Survivor seasons, though it had its moments in the latter portion. Ben was certainly a worthy winner, but it’s a shame that his keys to victory and most memorable moments all involved idols or twists. He was neither a great challenge competitor nor did he have a great social game, but he outworked anyone else and was the only one able to keep a secret.

Good things about the season:

1) Some of the new twists livened up the game, like the clue hidden under the spaghetti or the ability to save a vote for a later tribal council.

2) Everyone who got close to the end was there to play hard and try to win the game. Nobody was riding anyone else’s coattails this season.

Bad things about the season:

1) Most of the idols and advantages were misplayed, and a couple of players misplayed more than one! Lauren managed to get herself voted out despite having an idol and an extra vote. Mike squandered a secret idol he could have used to deadly effect late in the game, and threw a half-idol in the fire for no other reason than to try to create a memorable TV moment.

2) Four of the first five episodes were pretty dull.

Feel free to follow this link to see if Ben cracked my best players of all time list.

Sorry, this year’s most successful alliance, Chrissy and Ryan, did not make my best alliances of all time list.

And while Alan was crazy and Mike made horrendous moves, those two were superstars compared to the players who made my list of the worst of all time.

You can check out my full rankings of the seasons here.


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