“It’s hard for me to switch off the defensive, bitchy look.” Survivor: Ghost Island March 21 2018 recap

22 Mar

This episode focused on letting us get to know some of the players a little better. That is my nice way of saying that not much happened.

Certainly nothing of interest happens before the reward challenge, the final phase of which entails throwing balls to hit a fairly small disc. For Purple, Chris is slinging the balls, and you would have thought John Elway was throwing based on their velocity. Thanks to Chris, Purple wins in a blowout, and Jeff Probst is in awe. It is revealed that Chris played college baseball and was in fact a pitcher.

Time to decide who goes to Ghost Island. It’s Stephanie who draws the white rock. However when she smashes the little urn at Ghost Island, she finds out that she doesn’t get to play a game. We hear a little bit more about her story: like Kellyn, Stephanie was unhappy and decided to make changes in her life including getting divorced. And Stephanie left the Mormon religion at that time as well.

On the other tribe, Chris sees that Donathan is upset and reaches out. They bond because Donathan is the caretaker of his grandmother while Chris, as we learned previously, has had to tend to his own sick mother for many years. In prior episodes Chris’s social game seemed to be sorely lacking, now we see that he might have it in him after all.

The immunity challenge is, I believe, a new one: a player from each tribe has to go out into the water and get on a boogie board attached to a rope, and his tribemates must furiously crank a wheel to reel him in. Boy, does riding that board look like fun! The next phase is a slide puzzle, which Purple completes faster to win the challenge. I believe this is their fourth win in a row, and I must say I’m glad because all of the likable characters (except Michael) are on the purple tribe.

Orange needs to figure out whom to vote out. Chelsea and Kellyn decide it should be Jenna, in one of the least dynamic conversations you’ll ever see.

Jenna is in fact worried about being voted out (it will surely be her, Michael, or Stephanie). And Jenna wonders if people don’t want to work with her because of her poker face: “It’s hard for me to switch off the defensive, bitchy expression.” Last week we were led to expect to see romance blossoming between her and Sebastian, but a couple of mildly flirtatious sentences are all we see.

Others propose that Michael or Stephanie should be voted out,  and we see another Chelsea/Kellyn conference which is just as lackluster as the first.

Michael campaigns on the basis of being able to help the tribe in challenges more than the women can. But in private, we see him in tears. I think every tough guy on the season has already cried at least once!

By the way, Desiree has been advocating voting out Stephanie because she seems so strategic, and Desiree also searches Stephanie’s bag. No fair!

Tribal council is so very boring this episode, so let’s go straight to the vote: every ballot but one is cast for …Stephanie! It’s a shame, as until now she was my pick to win the game. I think she could have been a contender, but the uneven tribe swap followed by some challenge losses ruined things for her.

contenders: 1. Laurel, 2. Domenick, 3. Michael, 4. Wendell, 5. Chris, 6. Libby 7. James , 8. Bradley

not sure: Desiree, Kellyn, Sebastian, Angela

no chance: Donathan, Jenna, Chelsea



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