“The devil in an angel’s body” Survivor: Ghost Island March 28, 2018 recap

28 Mar

There are no post-tribal council scenes to start the show. The episode begins with the tribes meeting Jeff Probst on the beach, and a tribe swap to three tribes. We get an early quote from Desiree, who has rarely been heard from this season, so surely she must play some major role in the episode.

The new tribes are:

Orange: Desiree, Michael, Angela, James, Kellyn

Purple: Donathan, Bradley, Chelsea, Domenick, Libby

Green: Sebastian, Wendell, Jenna, Chris, Laurel

Coincidentally, each of these has three original purple tribe and two original orange tribe members. Jeff Probst asks some questions of the players and the obvious is belabored — this stuff would not have made the cut if this were a very eventful episode.

On the new Green tribe, we get to hear a lot of Chris bragging. We also get to see him reveal to Laurel that he is a model. She is quite amused that he thinks the revelation is a big deal, much like the reaction to Jeremiah’s similar revelation back in Survivor: Cagayan which I detailed here. Then Chris tells us he didn’t want to publicize that he’s a model because “for some crazy reason, people think models might be self-absorbed,” this after we have been shown multiple examples of Chris being just that.

On the Orange tribe, we hear about Angela’s frustration over people on her own tribe having voted for her a few episodes back.

On the Purple tribe, Domenick is just glad he’s not on the same tribe with Chris, for the first time this season. Also, he has decided Libby needs to be voted out: “Libby is the devil in an angel’s body, OK? Libby is out for blood.”

The immunity challenge is that every-season staple in which one caller has to direct his blindfolded teammates. But this one has some more interesting obstacles added, plus the callers even need to coach their still-blindfolded teammates through the puzzle at the end.

Initially the purple tribe is way behind because Chelsea and Donathan can’t manage to find the right bag of puzzle piecs. Now, I don’t know if I would trust Chelsea and Donathan to go to the corner store for a carton of milk, much less to win immunity for my tribe.

When we get to the puzzle portion, Orange has a big lead but caller Desiree can’t find the proper words to describe to her teammates what they need to do. Probst is quick to point out that Desiree couldn’t do the puzzle on Day 1 and yet she was chosen to lead the puzzle-solving on day 17.

In the end, Wendell for the green tribe is the best caller, and his tribe wins as he shouts “What’s up Probst!” Purple, led by Domenick, comes in second. That means Orange is going back to Tribal Council, and Michael reminds us that this will be his fifth this season out of six councils total.

We then go to a Chrysler commercial which shows some movie scenes from the past involving “futuristic” vehicles, are of which are much cooler than the Chrysler they’re trying to sell us.

At the camp, it becomes apparent that Angela is the swing vote, and the person voted out will be either Desiree (for her poor challenge performance) or James (because he is from the original orange tribe). We don’t hear why Michael is not a candidate.

Tribal council is so boring I won’t waste time on it. Every vote but one goes to James. I understand that the original purple tribe is sticking together but if so, why wouldn’t they take out the other tribe’s biggest threat in Michael?

Also, I just realized there was no Ghost Island trip in this episode, nor was it mentioned even once in a season entitled Survivor: Ghost Island!

This season has been a bit of a snooze so far, I think because so many of the characters are low-key, with the only interesting new discoveries (at least among the people who are still around) being Michael and Domenick. Also, I wondered in previous seasons if there were too many immunity idols in play, but frankly the last two episodes could have used an idol or two to liven things up. Sorry, but the “next time on Survivor” preview clips didn’t get me too excited for next week either.

contenders: 1. Laurel, 2. Domenick, 3. Michael, 4. Wendell, 5. Chris, 6. Libby 7. Bradley, 8. Sebastian, 9. Kellyn

no chance: Donathan, Jenna, Chelsea, Desiree, Angela


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