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Survivor Kaoh Rong Final Thoughts

3 Jul

This season did not have anywhere near the hype of “Survivor: Second Chance” but it was almost as good. The prior season had complicated alliances that shifted week-to-week, but there’s something to be said for alliances that last the whole game (or at least as long as the respective players stick around). And this seems crazy to say since Second Chance was an all-star season but: I think Kaoh Rong actually had better characters! I think Second Chance had a more deserving winner, however.

The thing that strikes me as a re-read my recaps for the season: Tai made a blunder almost every single week! For the most part it led to some entertaining situations, however.

Good things about this season:

  • Debbie. What a casting find she was. It even looked for a while like she would turn into a great player, but then she self-destructed. Still TV gold.
  • Aubry and her maturation throughout the season. She went from almost quitting on the first episode to almost winning! And I am still shocked that she didn’t win, in fact.
  • The moment when Tai decided not to hand over his idol to form the super-idol, perhaps the biggest blindside of all time. And to top it off, it meant Scot went home with Jason’s idol in his pocket!
  • At the time, it seemed like anyone in the final four (Aubry, Michele, Cydney, and Tai) had a chance to win, and that rarely happens.

Bad things about this season:

  • The three evacuations (Caleb, Neal, and Joe) had a strong bearing on the strategy and result of the game.
  • The first episode was the most boring one in recent memory.
  • Some mean-spirited players in bullies Jason and Scot and arrogant Peter and Liz. All of them did get their comeuppance, however.
  • While the super-idol’s not being used made for a super-dramatic moment, I think it’s too powerful and should not be brought back.

Sorry, nobody cracked my best players of all time list, or my best alliances of all time list. And Jennifer’s tribal council blunder wasn’t bad enough to qualify her for the the worst of all time.

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